Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Happy International Blogger's Day

Actually it was yesterday. As I heard on the radio the other day, 10 years ago there was little on the web, there was no "blogosphere," all this rush of information and interaction and commerce did not exist. I remember when Anthony proved to me that you could find information on anything on the web by searching the most obscure thing I could think of (which was a drug called "yohimbine"). I remember when we were amazed that companies started putting their web site address at the ends of their commercials. I remember shocking our friends by daring to do all our Christmas shopping on line and thereby avoiding the dreaded mall.

But now there is a whole new dialogue with this blogging phenomenon. Like never before you have a public forum to toot your own horn, make your argument, and chronicle your life. You can find people sharing similar experiences, and really get to know them as they share little self described pieces of themselves. Too often, my conversations start with, "On this blog I follow..." and then I tell some interesting or witty anecdote (that is not mine).

Blogging has helped me find a way to write that I never could find before. The difference is an audience. Keeping a journal is great, but I was never inspired enough to write just for me (not since high school). People I know leave comments, and that makes me happy and gives us something to talk about. When strangers read my blog and comment, I am thrilled that I struck a chord with someone I don't even know. And, I have a record of what my daily life was like when my children were small.

It feels really exciting to be a part of this exchange. I imagine great writers of the past exchanging formal letters with each other. I would never have thought I was worthy enough to be part of a conversation like that. But I can send a message to another writer, someone whose life seems like mine, with little effort.

And my parents can impress (or confuse) their friends by saying each of their daughters has a BLOG.

For a great essay on blogging that'll inspire you to write, click here.

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Daddy said...

Yeah, I'm real glad you all blog especially since Tud has been off line with phone problems with BT since May 7th, (the day I started my cruise). I have had no crossie for 5 Saturdays in a row.

Your blogs, and the constant adverts for Viagra are all that keep me busy.