Friday, June 24, 2005


I met a neat little old lady at work today. She brought in a dachsund that used to belong to her daughter in Wisconsin, but she was taking care of the dog because her daughter has MS and cannot adequately care for the dog.

She told me her husband died a few years ago. "You know what, honey?" she told me, "They don't make movies or write books about loneliness. Because who would want to read 'em? But this little dog sleeps in bed with me at night." She told me all about their little routine, how the dog barks and wakes her up at 5 am, they get up and eat, and then go back to bed together. They have a great relationship. Taking care of the dog is also a way for her to do something for her ill daughter who is so far away.

When she left, she hiked up her skirt around her knees and hopped into her SUV!


EdamameMommy said...

It's true. Wish we could all go together as beautifully as the couple in The Notebook. Not very likely...especially when you marry an old man like I did. Guess I'll have to find me a weenie girl.

Emily said...

That's how I feel about my Sabrina, too. I'm so grateful for her company.