Monday, June 13, 2005

Happy Birthday, Anthony

Today is Anthony's birthday. He shares it with my dear niece and nephew, Paige and Graham. We are going to Houston to celebrate their 2nd birthday next weekend.

When I first met Anthony he was 22. I thought he was a MCP (male chauvanist pig). He drove a fast red car and had the biggest stereo speakers I'd ever seen. Later, I found out he was not a MCP, he just appreciated women who could cook and looked good in a sexy dress.

Today, Anthony is 38. He drives a blue company car, and he finally gave up the big speakers and installed sleek surround sound speakers in our walls. He is passionate about coffee (you knew that), red wine, recycling, renewable energy, and politics.

He is a great dad, and takes great care of our kids on the days I work. When he looks at them, I can see how much he adores them. I am so lucky, because I know he adores me, too.

I think the kids enjoyed his chocolate cake as much as he did. We all had 2 pieces. Colin kept saying, "Big bite!" and crammed huge pieces in his gob.



Daddy/Eric said...

Happy Birthday Anthony. We called to sing for you early in the morning but you were sleeping in on your b'day morning.
Wish I coulda had a piece of that cake!

Emily said...

Happy belated! I thought of you yesterday, but I was travelling most of the day, coming home from Seattle. (sniff!) I miss that cool air...