Sunday, June 05, 2005

Photos from our Weekend

Anna and Colin, busy with their stamp creations early Saturday morning.

"What doing, Anna?" --Colin

Later, we went to the Austin Farmer's Market, to buy peaches and tomatoes. Being Austin (live music capitol of the world), there's always live music. Well, this week there were also live bellydancers!

This dancer really took a shine to Anna and danced all around her. Look how bashful Colin is! The wind was whipping her hair and her scarf all around, so she drapped her scarf over Anna.

She looked as regal as a princess, sitting watching the dancers and eating her sunflower seeds.

Afterwards, Colin was tearing around the park, but Anthony managed to get this action shot.

There was a motorcycle rally in Austin this weekend. 50,000 bikes (mostly Harleys) in our weird city. Couldn't resist this shot of a biker babe in her coordinated orange and black outfit! (I don't think she had any underwear to show, Daddy.)


Grandad said...

Great pics. Colin is learning from Anna all the time; look at him watching her with the stamps..................

Emily said...

Anna does look like a princess in the picture with the scarf! Thanks for posting pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures of my grand-kids! They don't even look like they have been sick....Nana