Monday, November 01, 2010

Don't Know about NaBloPoMo

Its November 1st?  Should I do it?  Feeling unsure.  Last year I crashed and burned, but then again, Fran was in town and ALL my free time was spent having crazy fun.

I don't know that there will be much more free time this year.  There are ballet rehearsals every weekend.  Incoming relatives and a family reunion.  We are planning an kitchen remodel.  Right before my favorite food holiday.

At least there is lots to talk about.  I may give it a try.  But Anthony's out of town all week, so I'm already driving solo.  And writing in incomplete sentences!



Lisa said...

Well, you know my vote: it isn't worth the stress unless you are really into it. You don't have to do real posts, though. Only a sentence is enough. It doesn't even have to be complete.

That said, maybe I will do it. Gasp! What am I saying?!?

Sinda said...

I like the way I usually do it - post until November overtakes me and I can't post no more! I'll stop by every day :)

EdamameMommy said...

Why do you sign up for this thing? It's too much of an exercise. Okay, here's an analogy. You don't do Jane Fonda crunches anymore, right, you are a fun-sweatin' bollywood dancer now. So, approach the blog the same way. Post more, but do it for fun not obligation and drudgery! Advice from the little sis, solicited and given, because you did ask "Should I do it?"!