Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Mask?

I have a lovely client, one of the best when it comes to her pets.  She is attractive and generous.  She drops them off twice yearly for comprehensive wellness checks.  She sends us trays - no, PLATTERS of delicious food from our local gourmet grocer at Christmastime; just when we are about to die from sugar overload she sends us cheeses and kabobs and spinach dip, etc.  The entire staff loves her.

She's been dropping her cats off for the last year and a half, so I haven't actually seen her in a while.  When she came in last week to pick her newest kitty up, I ran up front to say hello.

I didn't recognize her.  Her upper lip was puffed up like a duck's, her brow was creepily smooth.  She was supernaturally tan with white skin under her eyes.  Her hair had been uber-highlighted, and perky breasts cleaved under her V-neck.

"You look so tan!"  I sputtered.  She said she's been hanging at the pool with her friend and a new baby.  I tried not to stare at her lips as she spoke.  Why would such a beautiful woman  - beautiful inside and out - do this to herself?  The puffy upper lip was especially distracting.  Everyone agreed she looked not younger, but scarier.

I will never understand why women choose to mutilate themselves this way.  I hate growing older and losing my youth, too, but botox and restylane et al don't fool anyone.  I think most women just go in for a little injection, then pretty soon they're checking out with a full meal deal.  Those plastic surgeons are good salesmen.

Just say NO!


G in Berlin said...

My sister in law just told me about her botox: she's 11 years younger than I am. If she feels she needs it at 35, what does she think of me at 46? I'm in Europe and when I watch American TV I am repulsed at how no one's forehead moves and that seems to start at 22, not at 52.

Lisa said...

I think they are trying to create a new species. I certainly can't relate to people who subject themselves to these procedures. And it isn't only women who do, although they are the majority of the clients.

My youth-preserving trick is to avoid mirrors.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh out loud at the "whole meal deal!" :) I often think, what are these women thinking??? I'll stick with my wrinkles.
Love, M

Lula said...

"You look so tan!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Aahhh, Jen, you crack me up...

EdamameMommy said...

creepily smooth indeed. Is it too much to ask, is there no happy medium? It seems to slippery (or creepily smooth) a slope for my brain to rationalize even going near there. A good massage and a facial still do work wonders! And I don't mind the wrinkles, yet...I hate to judge. Perky was nice. Boobs that did their job still look decent but not gravity defying. Shouldn't there be something we can do to look as young as we feel at some point? And really, it looks equally NOT good as the wrinkles to go THERE. Will the solution come to us in the future? What's the saying: genetics give you the face you have at 20, how you live the face at 40? Let's go have fun and avoid the mirrors like Lisa said!