Monday, October 04, 2010

While I was gone

I was gone most of last week, at the annual Veterinary Dental Forum.  Its my conference, my people, all teeth, all the time.  The week before Anthony was gone all week; he left again this morning, back on Friday.  It's the new normal.

While I was gone he sent me this great group of pictures.  Colin, after sticking to his scooter far too long, finally learned to bike on his tiny heavy beginner bike.  Once he had that down, he soon took to stealing Anna's 5-speed.  Even though it is pink, it was far superior to what he'd been using.  Anthony got him his own bike -- in blue, much better -- and left it for him in the garage with a note saying "To Colin, Love Mom and Dad."

After Colin got home on Friday, a beautiful Texas fall day, he ditched his school things and went out to the garage.  He started wheeling Anna's pink bike out when something caught his eye.

 Now he's jumping up and down and squealing.

 He's a pro already!

Can't you feel his joy?


Emily said...

Awesome pictures! That's great that Anth captured the moment and Colin's exuberance. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures,Jennifer, and doesn't Colin look pleased!

Aunty Norma. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Doesn't everyone remember the pure joy of their first 'big bike'? It is written all over his face. Have fun Colin!

Sinda said...

you've got yourself two sweet boys there, Jennifer!

Lisa said...

That last photo is so wonderful!
Have fun, Colin!

get2eric said...

Oh man, that is terrific.

mainlyclearskies said...

How fun! Love the joy of biking - and wonderful surprises!

sarah doow said...

Happy boy!