Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloweenie Pics!

Better late than never.  Here is me, as a Crayon.  Yes, this costume is a reprise.

Emily as the fabulous Lady Gaga.  Anna is wearing her Jr. High cheerleading uniform, with jingle bells in her pony tails and her feet.  This uniform is as pristine as the day Emily wore it, thanks to ever-living polyester.  You know, back when cheerleaders wore big bulky sweaters, not midriff-baring tops and microminis!

Colin was a fabulous Harry Potter.  (with a blonde mullet)

There was an adorable 3 year old (a Lyra look-alike) who LOOOOOVED Francesca in her skeleton costume, and helped me walk her the whole time, repeating, "I walking the dog!  I walk the dog! I hold the leash!"  So cute.

Sadly, no picture of Anthony, who donned blue scrubs and went as Dr Troy, plastic surgeon from Nip & Tuck.  His shoulders looked great in those scrubs!

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