Thursday, November 11, 2010


Colin said tonight: "Anna!  That is rude.  R, O, D, E, --rude! Stop it!"  I laughed so hard, I forgot what offended him so much.


Lula said...

How R.O.D.E. of you to laugh at him! (heehee!)

Emily said...


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! At the Veteran's Day ceremony @ school they were spelling out the word "FREEDOM" on posters and when they had F-R-E-E-D one of the girls in my class, yelled I know what they are spelling Freedom, "U" comes next. FREEDUM! lol Love kids! - Kareen

Lisa said...

I think Lyra & Colin were cut from the same cloth.
They remind me so much of each other. And they are both apparently at the same spelling level.