Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Career Day

Anna and Colin's school doesn't allow them to dress up for Halloween.  The week before Halloween this years was "anti-drug propaganda" week.  After days of dressing up in red, wearing crazy hats, and wearing crazy socks (as in, sock it to drugs!), the grand finale was to dress up as what you want to be when you grow up on Friday.

Anna said she wanted to be an actress, and needed some crazy sunglasses.  I told her that was fine, but if she wanted to be a surgeon (another career she is interested in), she could wear the adorable scrubs my mom got for her.  She was sold!

Colin said what he always says lately.  "I want to be an ocean scientist."  I had anticipated this, and suggested he wear a lab coat, a long pair of swim trunks, and a shirt with an embroidered shark.  He decided to add some tools - tweezers, a mini wrench, and his giant squid model - and he was set.
They were pretty psyched on Friday morning, walking out the door with nametags (made with the label maker and old nametags of mine) that read:

Dr. Anna M.                                                            Dr. Colin M.
XYZ Animal Hospital                                             Ocean Scientist

They looked so good, the principal even took pictures of them.  I was so thrilled that they both chose science careers!  Well, except for that brief flirtation with acting.


Lisa said...

Wow, a whole week devoted to saying no to drugs?

Maybe Anna could host a show on The Discovery Channel. She should brush up on science & diction, just in case. And I thought she was gonna be a Vet?

Emily said...

They look awesome! I love that they are both "Dr.'s" :-)

And Anna can moonlight as an actress. Maybe community theater?