Sunday, November 07, 2010

I guess this NaBlo isn't working for me

So that's not bad, right, posting two days in a row? Sheesh. Well, Wednesday I was sidelined by a migraine. Thursday I hosted five members of my extended family for dinner. Friday I had a miserable cold and went to bed early. By the time it was Saturday, I knew it was a lost cause.

Saturday I took the kids to Applebees for a pancake breakfast. The only reason I went was that it was a fundraiser for ballet. I brought my own butter from home, because I knew there would only be margarine. Sure enough, only Country Crock was offered. My butter was still a little cold, so Anna whined for the easier spreading transfat kind, but I held firm. Like my butter!


mr man said...

Sorry it was a NaBlow this year. Sounds like life was conspiring to get you off track.

We had a similar ABee's fundraiser; I asked for NO "butter." Luckily, only my stack came with it. It's amazing how bad that stuff tastes on totally bland cakes with HF corn syrup. Next time I'll just ask if we can fork over $20 to the school, rather than suffer through that goo; plus the school would get the whole amount, rather than 10% or whatever puny sum.

Peevish has me totally spoiled now. Hooray for real food.

Lisa said...

Well, you have your priorities straight.

Butter over blogging. yum.

There's always next year! And don't pressure yourself to write something. A photo, link or video clip counts as a post, no matter what Anthony says.

get2eric said...

yo tambien.

Emily said...

Thanks for making the pancake breakfast optional...last year's fare was enough for me.

I agree with Mr. Man: I'll give them money to NOT have to eat that food.

mr man said...

oh, yeah, and i'm glad you're feeling better.