Sunday, May 07, 2006

Without snakes, what would I do for content?

On Saturday I go down to feed the hens and collect the eggs, and mentally tell myself, "You know, there might be another snake in there." Therefore, I didn't jump out of my skin when I saw this:

Its the other snake, slowly consuming an egg. This is a slow process of dilation, a kind of inverse of birth.

We watched the snake for a long time, slowly stretching its reptilian lips around one of our eggs. We figured we'd catch it after it had swallowed.

Almost there!

Maximum stretchage!

Once the egg was entirely in the snake's mouth, it started backing up. I think it was pretty wary, being in a somewhat compromised state with an audience.

Its scales are so stretched out, it almost looks like a cobra. We knew eventually it would implode the egg by squeezing its muscles, then later cough up the egg. Anna asked, "Is it going to make an awful noise when it coughs?" Ha ha.

Finally, after waiting about 15 minutes, we decided to go ahead and catch the snake. As soon as we looped the hoe around this one, that egg came right back out in half a second! This snake was a little harder than its partner to catch. Eventually, Anthony got it with a hoe and I grabbed it by the tail, and we quickly dropped it into the bucket.

I really hope this is the last snake post...


Dad said...

Did you get to save the egg?
Great post. Where was the little bugger hiding all day.?
Did you transfer him/her to a FAR distant locale?
How many comments d'ya get that are all questions?


Yuck, I hope you guys didn't keep the egg once it was puked up by Mr. Snake....

Yes, for the sake of your chickens I hope this is your last snakie post. THose pictures are so amazing- a little creepy in a way....... just me and my snake paranoia I guess! =)


Emily said...

Fascinating and gross.

paula said...

I'm right there with Emily - fascinating but very gross. XXX

Lisa said...

They DID keep the egg! When I first heard this story, complete with visual aids on the computer, Jennifer reached into the fridge and produced it as a perfect punchline to the whole thing. Voici: L'oeuf! She had written "snake egg" on it so it wouldn't get mixed up with the non-snaky eggs. We also got to see the snake porn video. Interesting.

Library Lady said...

I am going to be thinking of this the next time I sing "The Boa Constrictor Song" with the kids at the library!

I am NOT into snakes--at least not into holding them. We have a lady who comes to the library and brings reptiles. The last time she came she asked me to help hold a boa constrictor. I was fine with it until it started squirming--it felt like when a baby is turning inside of you!

I do like observing them--and their skin feels really nice when it isn't squirming.

Jen said...

I am nowhere near as cool as you. I would have SO been up the nearest tree, not hunting down and photographing snakes. Wow. Your kids are going to have stories for their kids about how cool Grandma was, being a snake-hunter and all.