Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ah, look at all the lonely people...

My job is taking care of the health of companion animals, not being companions for their owners. But sometimes, I end up being a friendly ear for the owners that bring the pets in.

There are lots of widows with pets who are lonely. There is the bachelor executive who works a lot and has his labrador, and that's about it in his life. He LOVES that dog, and sometimes calls me up just to tell me how he's doing. There is a single woman who moved to the area who loves her fat cat and the Wizard of Oz. She takes off work to bring him in if he sneezes, and she wants me to run labwork on him if he loses half a pound (he's fat! he's on diet food!) just to make sure its not something bad. Another single woman just moved here from Mississipi after the hurricanes with her two beloved Pomeranians. She calls if she thinks her dogs won't take the tiny antibiotics I prescribed.

There are students who are lonely. There are even married people who are lonely.

The last time I was lonely was in college (undergrad). I lived in the dorm, but it was one of the new modular dorms, which was great because I had a private bath. Up on the far corner of the top floor, I didn't know anyone but my R.A. I was assigned a roommate, but she illegally lived in her boyfriend's dorm room, and I saw her twice a semester. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, who I let hang around way too long just because I didn't want to be alone.

I went to classes and studied a lot. The saddest part of my day was dinner. I hated eating alone. To be in a big cafeteria eating alone with tons of your peers around you was quite depressing.

Fortunately, I made lots of new friends in choir, and one of them was Anthony.

As long ago as that was, I never forgot how strong that feeling of loneliness was. Today, my life is the opposite of lonely. I have 3 people who clamor for my attention and smother me with affection. In fact, I often savor my time alone, including a lunch or two each week eaten out on a workday BY MYSELF.

My life is full of un-loneliness, I feel its the least I can do to listen to a lonely person for a few minutes.


Daddy said...

Oh what a nice post and insight into your feelings. Nobody wants it to happen but, when your kids grow up
and get their own pond to play'll once again feel like you're missing a cog.....and , oh well. That's life.

At least, you are lucky; Like me, you have a life partner.....

If dogs lasted as long as faithful spouses do, we'd have it made, huh?


That's so great Jenn that you have an opportunity to listen to lonely, hurting people. I think its cool how you take time with the needy human clients as well as the animals,which is the whole reason the people came to you. Many people would probably shrug off the constant little talk of lonely people,but HORRAY for Dr. Jenn and her caring characteristics!!!!

Ug, your undergrad years seemed really tough.....! So glad you finally met Anth.!


Emily said...

I, too, am touched by your caring and thoughtfulness. You are such a beautiful person, Jenn.

I can relate to your descriptions of loneliness. Unfortunately for me, mine lasted many years past college!

Hey, you forgot to mention that the very next year I was around to bug you and compete for our shared car. :-)

Aunty Norma said...

I just loved this posting,Jenn...cannot put into words the actual emotions I have after reading it..Emily is are a beautiful Person! xx

ColeBugsmommy said...

I can't imagine how alone I would feel without Cole in my life. Although, sometimes I do crave a little alone time. You are one of the most positive and truly geniune people I know. That's why the clients and staff love you.

Library Lady said...

I understand this--librarians get a lot of that too. Especially senior citizens and :) exhausted, exasperated moms of young children!

Anonymous said...

My son moved out of the house in August 2005 and my husband passed away in November 2005. Talk about lonely, I had never lived alone. I rescued a lovely little dog 10 days ago and some joy has again entered my life. Thank goodness for animals and people like you who care for them.