Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Colin!

Today Colin turned THREE! We had a pretty good day together, going to the craft store to pick out supplies for his party, buying toys for the dog (I'm not used to such a young, playful canine!), and buying a cake. We've been feasting on my homemade cake, and there's one in the works for his party this weekend, so we resorted to a store bought cake for tonight. Colin picked out a brownie cheesecake. Good boy.

By far his favorite gift was his "Big Buzz" - a large size Buzz Lightyear - "with BUTTONS!" He can't even stop pushing buttons long enough to properly smile. (Note, Steph, he is wearing his favorite shirt, the CHEEKY MONKEY one. It suits him perfectly, but for some reason he calls it his "Team Shirt.")

In this next photo, I asked him to give Buzz a kiss.

He really loves Buzz. He frenched him.


Leigh-Ann said...

About that "kiss" photo -- it appears your child might be a vampire.

I hope he had a happy birthday :)

paula said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN - BIG BOY THREE!!!!!! Isn't is bizarre how Colin, Paige and Graham and Luke all turn three within a month or so of each other!! XXX

Emily said...

It looks like he's taking a bite out of Buzz...LOL

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. See you tomorrow.

Jess said...

Awww, what great pictures. Too bad they aren't showing up, that's crummy! But Colin looks so adorable! Happy 3rd Birthday Colin-O! Yay! He's so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is such a lovely little guy! But it does look like he is biting Buzz's head off!! I noticed the faithful green blanket is near by, too.

Happy 3rd B-Day, Colin-O.

Love you, Nana