Monday, May 08, 2006

P. Envy

Raising a little boy is so very different than raising a girl. Boys test everything out to see how they can make it produce the most sound. If that doesn't work, they jump on it, or over it. Or throw it. Its all about ACTION.

Also, boys come with parts.

After peeing on the potty, I told Colin to wipe his penis.

He says to me, "Mommy, where your penis?" and moves the leg of my shorts aside to look.

"I don't have a penis," I tell him.

"Anna not have penis?" he asks me.

"No," I said, remaining cool as a cucumber.

He asks, "Mommy, you lost it?"

(sorry, snakes and penises, its what I've got to work with these days!)


paula said...

Oh Jenn, you are so very right. Luke has discovered his "wee wee" and also the fact that mummy doesn't have one. In the supermarket doing my usual 2 minute trolly dash to avoid the usual boredom meltdown the following shouted VERY LOUDLY "Mummy I like pushing my wee wee"

(Me) "that's nice darling, oooh look, frozen peas"
(Luke) "I luuuurve Stephanie" (character from his fave prog "Lazytown")
(Me) "yes, she lovely isn't she, Oooooh look Luke bread rolls"
(Luke) "Mummy, when I get home I'm going to push my wee wee with Stephanie!!!"

(Luke) "Mummy do you like pushing your ....." At which point we ended up now doing about 50mph to the check out, Luke laden down with shopping that I probably didn't actually need but I was too embarassed to care.

Why me?

He's also taken to wanting to slide down a fireman's pole at every given opportunity. Poor mum has to hold the kitchen mop so that he can launch himself from a chair onto it. He looks like a demented pole dancing midget.

Help Me!!!!

Emily said...

Ha ha ha! Little boys are so entertaining!

Paula, your story cracked me up. I'm sure it was embarrassing in the moment, but it's hilarious to read about! Please do consider starting a blog to give us regular Luke stories.

Aunty Norma said...

Yes,Paula,I agree with Emily..please start your Blog I do enjoy reading all three Blogs and sit here (on my own) laughing at the antics that are happening...the Snake pictures and stories are FANTASTIC Jenn...bye the bye...Jessy is in great shape after her op. she is now on a diet and the two big lumps are gone. :o)

EdamameMommy said...

PAULA!!!! That is too funny. A pole dancing midget boy. Nice.

I should write a post about the twin conversations about body parts, or better yet video it. We talk about it a LOT, too.

Leigh-Ann said...

Snakes, penises... if you have a barbeque this weekend and serve sausage, I'm going to have to call Dr. Freud.