Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spoke too soon

If you read my comments, last night I said the snakes weren't eating the eggs so they were welcome to stay.

This morning I peeked in the coop, looking for eggs, and saw this:

Eek! That's a little unnerving! He was smart and stayed super still. Apparently this works on the chickens.

That's Chicka the China the Chinese Chicken, and she's been feeling "broody" lately. All day long she sits on those unfertilized eggs, trying to hatch chicks. Uncle Buck said, "Do you think you need to get her some chicks to make her feel complete as a chicken?" I don't think she's intelligent enough to feel unfulfilled if she doesn't get any chicks. Look at her - she's dumb enough to sit right next to a reptile who would happily consume all her progeny.

I'm sure that snake is thinking, this place is great! Lots of places to hide, and a vending machine!

After Anthony had enough coffee, I fished the snake out with a hoe, and he caught the creature in the bucket. It was actually one of the easiest snake captures we've had. Then I hopped in the Prius and released the snake into a far away greenbelt by the soccer fields, near a nice woodsy stream.

If I were a snake, that's where I'd want to live!


Anonymous said...

oi, vey.
kinda makes me not want to build a chicken coop now. snakes are ok: out there; not anywhere i am. my dad always used the hoe the other way when he found a snake (like a guillotine). i can relate thinking about sugarbear finding one. i think junebug would run get us; at least i hope one of them would not think it needs to be bono's new toy. nature is cool. glad it's in your henhouse. hee.

EdamameMommy said...

Ha! Great post. Good riddance, Slim Noshoulders.

Leigh-Ann said...

I know you said the snake wasn't poisonous, but does it bite? I ask because you've been so careful with them while moving them, it makes them seem sort of dangerous. On the other hand, the chicken isn't remotely concerned, hence my confusion.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what posts - we are loving reading them and they make for great dinner conversation at our table. Miss everyone stateside - especially my sweet grandchildren! Tomorrow is our last day on ship and then it's travel back home.
Love, M

ColeBugsmommy said...

What about the snake's girlfriend??

Aunty Norma said...

Bev!!! where are you now?? the posts are great I agree with you...where else would you read of a 'Snake-catcher' in the Family...boldly going where even some MEN wouldn't dare..:o)xx

Jenn...I have booked Jessy in at the Vets. this morning..remember the fatty Lypoma I told you about? well I could feel 2 more inside that she is to have the hard 'extra ones' removed on Monday and a Biopsy we have to pray that the lumps are benign :o( ...


AHHHH! How many chicken eggs do you think that greedy snake consumed?

I agree with edamamemommy, GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!! Snakes are pesky animals anyway.


Emily said...

I agree with Mommy, good reading! And great pictures.

Daisy said...

Jennifer, John Aielli just told me that today is International Respect for Chickens day. No, really.

It was very respectful of you to remove those baby-eaters!

paula said...

Do you know, it made me smile seeing "Mr Slim Noshoulders" sat there waiting patiently for his next snack. I know it's not very good really, I mean a snake in a chicken coop, but you have to admire his neck (or lack of it).

Fab postings Jenn!!!