Monday, January 23, 2006

Our New Baby

There she is, in beautiful blue stone metallic, our first new car! We have waited a long time for this one. Its a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Anthony has been negotiating for it since November, and he got us a great deal for a hybrid. Anna was quite enthusiastic when she first sat in it, "It smells so good! And the seats are so soft! I like the bright open windows!"

Yes, well we like the gas mileage and the low emissions. And it has so many cool features! Storage everywhere, side airbags, and an optional fold-up 3rd row of seats. And it can GO!

With the electric motor and gas engine, if you step on the accelerator, it pushes you back in your seats and speeds up! Zero to sixty in 7.2 seconds. Incredible power - when you need it. There is a little graphic in the dash that shows you where the power is going while you drive - arrows pointing from the engine and the battery when you accelerate, or just from the battery if you are just moseying along. Then the arrows show power going TO the battery when you brake or coast down a hill. It can transition among these from second to second.

So, even with all that get up and go, you tend to drive conservatively, round about the speed limit, coasting to that red light instead of speeding toward it then braking. Even speed demon Anthony has said it has changed the way he drives!

Some argue that the extra expense for the hybrid option is not going to be worth the long pay-out time (if you compare how much money in gas you'd save, it takes a couple of years to pay for itself). But we reckon gas is soon going to be over $3 a gallon. It doesn't matter to us, anyway, about how long it will take to make back our investment - we intend to have this car for a decade, and we like feeling like we are making a responsible choice for the environment, leaving a smaller "footprint."


Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments about Montana-banana. Please know that she had a good day today, practically normal.


Dad said...

Ooow! I wish I had a hybrid. Anth needs a hybrid lawnmower. Think of the gas and fumes he would save.
Good luck with your new car.

Anonymous said...


What a nice lookin' vehicle! =)I can't wait to get a ride in it!


P.S. I agree with Anna- I LOVE the smell of a new car!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Wow, I'm so jealous! Anth told me all about it, and I wish I could get one, too! It's beautiful, and you guys deserve a new car!

Jess said...

I do love your new car! It's so pretty and I love the color! I am trying to convince my mom that the hybrid is the way to go! I'll keep working on her and hope she'll hold out for just one more year so she can get the Toyota Camry Hybrid! Hell, while she's at it bying herself a new car, I would like one too! I'm so jealous! - Although, I am quite a bit younger than you both and haven't earned that nice of a car yet - I am still royally jealous!

And folks, I was probably one of the first to see this new car in their drive way and I can tell you it's a beautiful vehicle! :)

Lisa said...

Finally!! I'll bet Anthony is Stoked! Michael & I can't wait to see it (and smell it) in person. And I'm glad Montana had a good day. I keep thinking about her...How are Claudio & Vino?

lindsey said...

Next step: biodiesel. I'm working out of our state capital this week and biodiesel and renewable energy are hot topics.

I bet Anthony would be interested. We have several gas stations in the Seattle-area that supply it . . . maybe you guys should make a trip to check it out.

paula said...

Love the new car Jenn, really lovely colour!!!! VVV Posh - enjoy XX