Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Day

When I was in vet school, I went to lots of weddings. All my peers were in their 20's, and they were all getting married. At my summer job, they called me the "Wedding Queen," because I was always asking off to go to a wedding. I became a wedding connoisseur; when I returned to work I would give my critique of the music, bride and bridesmaids' dresses, music, food, and cake. Back then, I liked my weddings a little grand but tasteful.

The wedding we attended last weekend was one of the best I've ever been to. It was not grand in scale but it was in sincerety. There were two people who waited a long time to get married (so long they each thought they might never tie the knot!), then had exactly the kind of wedding that suited them - keeping the traditions they liked, but tossing those that didn't fit them (like a forced first dance together, which neither would have been comfortable doing).

A good wedding reminds you of the promise of love, the camraderie of a life spent together, and of the joy of a well-matched companion. It makes you forget the strife of a silly argument you may have had with your own mate recently, and makes you want to hold their hand. It makes you glad you got to share this special moment with the newlyweds.

Giddy after the ceremony.

Part of what made this wedding so great was how effortlessly it came together. Of course, like many weddings I've been to, it could've become a big ball of stress if they had let it. It was held at a great B&B in the Hill Country, very remote and rustic. There was great music provided by a singer and his accoustic guitar. The bride looked beautiful in her elegant dress with roses in her hair - you'd never guess that when she showed up that morning to the hair salon (that she'd booked weeks before) there was a little note taped to the door that said, "Sharon has the flu and won't be coming in today." Instead of panicking she and her mom just went to another salon in town and found someone else to fix her hair -- and it looked fantastic.

We were also so honored that other than immediate family, the photographer, and the guitarist, we were the only other guests. And the food was great!

Best wishes, D. and D.


Aunty Norma. said...

Lovely to read,Jenn. you should get a job on the local paper as a Wedding reporter :o) nice piccys too...and oooer.. orange roses..always make a pretty bouquet..xx

Emily said...

Looks lovely. I almost didn't recognize David without the long hair!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a gorgeous wedding! Jenn, those pictures are amazing, I love the one with thier shadowie profiles!

Sounds like a fun time...and yeah,I can't believe the bride didn't freak out about the hair salon! Most other people would have...way to go her!

Loved that post.


paula said...

What a lovely post Jenn - the pics were so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Post and Beautiful Pictures. I know David has probably not had long hair in years but I too always think of him with his long locks! They both look very happy. All the best to them!
Love, M

EdamameMommy said...

Oh wow. That was inspirational. I'm all weepy after reading it. I love the super-big-giddy-grins on both of them. I'm glad I walked down the aisle with him when he had long long hair (don't freak out fellow readers, it was at Jenn & Anth's wedding) and for his own wedding he looks so distinguished with a little age and a little less hair!