Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy De-Lurking Week

Apparently it is Delurking Week -- as in, if you are a frequent reader of a blog, but never post a comment, here's your arbitrary reason to post a comment and introduce yourself. I have many loyal commenters out there (you know who you are, and I love you for your consistent feedback), but I know others are out there. I see you on my blog statistics website, and it thrills me to see again and again places like Couer d'Alene, Reston VA, Pleasanton, Atlanta, and Weyerhauser (to name a few).

I would have loved to have had a reason like this to introduce myself at the last birthday party I took Colin to. It was his most favorite playmate from his Friday daycare place, so I really wanted to take him. I got there and realized that although there were tons of adults I knew NO ONE. Anthony always does the daycare drop off and pick up so I didn't even recognize any strangers. The hostess was nice but BUSY. I get a little shy in these situations. I smiled and made lots of eye contact, but everyone else seemed to already know someone and I really couldn't get into any conversations. Also, Colin kept needing more food or someone to go with him to play on the playscape (he's going through a shy stage himself). After a while I just started focusing more on him, anyway. Finally, 2 of the other moms from his daycare recognized him and introduced themselves, and I finally got some small talk action.

So here's your invitation to click the comment button, introduce yourself, and open the dialogue.



Dad said...

That's clever Jenn, BUT, I clicked the throw me a bone link and ..........nada.
Had to come here to comment.
P.S. Why is the security code in hieroglyphics and so hard to read?

paula said...

I know, isn't it really difficult to read the security code sometimes!! Glad you mentioned that Uncle Eric I thought it was me being particularly daft. Hope you had a good holiday!

Jenn, isn't it awful when that happens at parent and toddler groups - I really sympathise, it happens to me sometimes as well, it's so difficult when they all know each other you just have to keep trying to catch someone's eye, but then I usually end up having to strike up a conversation first!!

Jennifer said...

Daddy, yes I agree that blogger's security code is hard to read. It looks all skewed so that computer programs that troll the blogosphere don't leave random self-promoting comments that are totally irrelevant to the site. I started using this feature after I got a couple of these unwanted comments. I wish it were more like the codes on other sites I visit, though, that are have a swirly background and are much easier to read and easier to interpret (like "plane48").

The Throw Me a Bone is just a cute icon, not a link. Sorry for the confusion.

amber said...

I thought I would introduce myself because you said that we should introduce ourselves and that. So my name is amber and I am from England. I read your blog all the time and I find it extremely interesting and love reading it!
Take care

Emily said...

Good post, Jenn. I, too, have lurkers.
As for the security code, it's a graphic, not HTML text, so that's why it's sometimes difficult to read. You can refresh the page to get a different one if needed. The reason it uses a graphic is so automatic programs can't read it and spam you.

Aunty Norma said...

Ahhh,you caught one,Jenn..welcome Amber! a couple of us are from England too..Cheshire..we have some great laughs on here and the pics are wonderful..enjoy..xx

lindsey said...

Shout out from Weyerhaeuser! I guess since you called me out I should leave a comment, but can you blame all of us lurkers for being interested?

I like the haircut and Anna's right, Colin really does look like a boy now!

BTW, today marks the 26th consecutive day of measurable rain for all of us in the NW! We’re well on our way to break the record of 33 days. Don’t you wish you were here instead of experiencing 70 degree weather and sunshine?

Jennifer said...

OK, Linds, would you rather have 23 days of rain, or 33 days of drought? Its crazy, there are mudslides in CA but wildfires here in TX. "The state of Texas is a tinderbox!" our governor declared. But don't worry, this global warming thing is a myth, dreamed up by our scientists.

I can't believe only one lurker I didn't already know wrote in. Way to go, Amber!