Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Five Weird Things About Me

Its a meme, from the Library Lady.

1. I drink hot tea every morning. People think its coffee in that travel mug, because that's what Americans drink, but they're wrong. Its Yorkshire Gold. I pour the milk in first, because that's how my Auntie Olive told me the Queen drinks hers.

2. I have a stunted, shortened right index finger (just the tip). When I was 2 years old and staying with my grandmother while my parents were on a trip, I cut it on glass. My grandmother put a bandaid on it, tight as a tourniquet. I pitched a fit when she went to remove it, so she left it on, for days. When my mom returned a few days later, she immediately took it off, but it was already shriveled.

3. I kinda like doing puppy tails and dewclaws. Certain dog breeds have docked tails, so good breeders take them to the vet at a couple of days of age and we cut off their tails and extra toes. In my defense, I use local anesthesia so the puppies don't feel it. I also like pulling gross infected teeth, but you knew that.

4. When I shower, I lose a lot of hair. It all gets all tangled up in my fingers, and I don't want it to go down the drain and make a big clog. So, I wrap it around my finger into a little circle and toss it over the shower wall. This way its a lot easier to find and throw away than a bunch of loose hairs. Which reminds me, when I was 13 I started losing my hair (a side effect of a prolonged fever)and I had to count how many hairs I lost every day to see if it was normal (you normally lose about 100 hairs/day!).

5. The summer before vet school started, I had a job where I washed the dirt off of grass root samples, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. It was for a research project measuring root production from different fertilizer levels. The best thing about this job was it was outside, under a shade tree, and I got to bring my dog to work every day. Also, it was mindless. At the end of the summer the other people who worked there told me they were cautioned never to talk to me about how sucky that job was, because the researcher was afraid I'd quit.

I hearby infect: Emily, Stephanie, Kareen, Angie, and Leigh-Ann. After posting your 5 weird things, leave a list of those that you infect.

Hopefully, you won't get infected with something severe like Rotavirus, which poor Colin has. We are having a hard time orally replacing the incredible amount of fluids he is losing, but so far, he's hanging in there. Poor guy has a red, sore bum, though, and it is torture for him for us to clean that sensitive, sore area everytime he had diarrhea, which is like 12 times a day (but of course would be so much worse if we left it on there).


Aunty Norma said...

Hmmm I really like the sound of this lady..she is honest and confident and I like that in a person..Hello 'Library Lady' :o)
This 'infecting' I don't understand,Jenn..but if you need any germs,Virus',we have plenty over here now ...a popular 'seller' is Bird Flu !! seriously though,I hope you all keep in good health in 2006 and may all your dreams come true,aaaawww xx

paula said...

I found that fascinating!!! Poor Colin though, how awful is that!!! XX

Library Lady said...

Hi back, Aunty Norma :) !

Like the weird things, Jenn. Personally, I call them "hair spiders". And my morning drink of choice is Pepsi. I've been told that's not uncommon in the South, but I was doing it long before I crossed below the Mason Dixon line!

Poor Colin--I've been through enough of those viruses myself. In fact, SC used to bring them home from daycare for me. I puked more the year AFTER she was born than I did during the pregnancy. Hope he's feeling much, much better and that no one else comes down with it!

Emily said...

Thanks for infecting me...I think.

Sorry to hear about Colin O! I hope he gets better soon.