Monday, January 09, 2006

Mullet No More

Yesterday I combed Colin's hair before we went out. The mop was such a mess that Anthony asked me moments later, "Aren't you going to comb his hair?"

It was way overdue, but I finally cut it today when he asked to watch Dora. I tried not to think too hard about what I was doing as the blond curls fell.

In case you needed a reminder, here's the before (I was just back from a jog, thus the red face):


Anthony likes the result. Anna said, "Wow, Colin, you really look like a boy!"



EdamameMommy said...

Hey, Overachievers Anonymous just called -- they said you ran away! Ha ha ha.

Good haircutting. Looks like the Queer Eye boys got a hold of him and made him a hip little toddler.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a big difference! Good for you guys....I know it was hard for you Jenn,but there are NO more ouchies(ada: tangles) in the morning!


Anonymous said...

(aKa)....not ada!


Emily said...

Wow. Looks great! And "heartbreaker" is right! I love that picture.

Aunty Norma. said...'ve done a good job there,Jenn. now we can see what Colin looks like :o) so handsome innee? xx

paula said...

What a difference, he looks even more gorgeous. P.S. I thought I'd already left a comment so if I appear twice - sorry !!

Library Lady said...

He looks GORGEOUS--he was cute with the long curls, but now you can really see his features!

I'm impressed that you cut his hair--I can't imagine trying to deal with my girls and their manes.