Monday, December 19, 2005

Some photos before the big holiday

Seems I am running out of time as usual before the big holiday. We are leaving on our big western roadtrip Wednesday, and I am working tomorrow. Here are some pictures, meantime.

Every holiday season we get together with our good friends and have a Mexican dinner - in a restaurant, since we don't want to burden anyone with being hostess right before the holidays. Apparently others had this idea, because although we arrived at 6:05 pm, there were already several large tables ahead of us, and we waited over 45 minutes just to be seated. The kids were great, though. Afterwards, we went to a new Amy's Ice Cream location that actually had a playscape. Load up your children with sugar and let them play under the lights past their bedtime! Actually, it was great fun, and we'll definitely visit this location again.

Here are the girls posing on a cow:

Here is Colin on a rocking cow:

Best Pals, Ruby and Anna:

Here are the beautiful sugar cookies Anthony and Anna made:

Look out, Colin eats Santa! Actually, this was a very special sugar cookie from one of our babysitters.

Anna is getting full on cookies, and is having a hard time deciding which to eat next:

And here's Anna with the girl who is making this week sane and bearable for me: visting cousin Beverly.

Colin, adorably, calls her "Bett-eree." Sounds like battery.


Daddy said...

Good pics and we can't wait to feed 'em more sugar!
Was that Bev's glass of wine?

Anonymous said...

No, sorry to say, that wasn't my glass of wine. It was Anth's.....I drank a delicious, exotic glass of-
Yes, the kids were loaded on sugar this evening...there were lots of giggles and big splashes in the bath tub tonight.=)

Well, I'd better run!


P.S. "daddy" I'm jealous that you guys get to have the kiddos for Christmas...its going to be lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bevie, we didn't know you were at the Martins tonight when we were talking - mainly to Anna. Thank you for all your loving care to all our family - I know they love you even more for it!!! If that's possible. Merry Christmas to one and all and YES, we will be enjoying all the fun kid laughter and excitement this Christmas - it's been so long since we have had children in our home for Christmas morning. Love, M/Nana/Aunt Bev

kelley said...

Hey, is it just me, or does Colin have a mullet?!? What's goin' on with that? Hehe

paula said...

Lovely pics, hope you all have a lovely, family christmas together XXXXX

Emily said...

Yes, we all love Betterie. I wish I had kids so she'd come visit me!

LOL at Kelley's comment...yes, I believe Colin does have an unintentional mullet. Jenn can't bear to part with his beautiful curls, but she does trim his bangs...otherwise he'll trim them himself!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Bev,

I heard most of the phone conversation last night(due to the loud speaker option)but,for the most part- I was snapping photos of Anna doin' some pretty guffy poses while listening to you and grandad on the other line....and I got some really cute ones of Anth and Colin wrestling on the floor...

Sounds like you guys are going to have a BLAST! Enjoy those lil' bundles of joy when they arrive!


P.S.They,especially Anna, have been talking pretty much non-stop about the trip to see "Nana and Grandad and Auntie Emily in El Paso."

P.S.S. Anna made some special surprises for everyone(I hope they make the trip!)

EdamameMommy said...

LOL I didn't think that was Bevie's wine -- look through the wine glass, it appears she is having to drink her "Bev"erage from a sip cup!

I love all the buddy pictures. And my kids are so deprived. We have ZERO homemade cookies thusfar...maybe when the workers are out of our kitchen. Oh, how I wish by BIL lived closer.