Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

New Year, new blog template. When I get free time, I'm going to learn how to customize one of these for myself. I have oodles of spare time on my hands - ha!

We had a pretty good year in 2005. Anna turned 4, Colin turned 2. Their parents got older, too. Anna guessed that I was 18 the other day. That seems really old to her.

Anthony and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this year with a great European trip. I also celebrated 10 years as a veterinarian, which seems really weird, because so many times I still feel like a new grad. The learning never ends in this profession.

We had a hot Texas summer that would not end. It was still blistering hot in October. It was a great year for peppers, but not for tomatoes. The prolonged heat made it seem like Christmas really snuck up on us. Its been hot this holiday season, too - 85 degree highs this week. Its beautiful weather for going to the park, but I'd prefer it to be seasonally appropriate. I love sleeping with the windows cracked on cold, crisp nights, snuggled close to Anthony.

In 2006, we hope to get a new car. Anna will start kindergarten in the fall. We hope to make more dents in the many projects around our house. Colin has been sick the last 24 hours with a stomach virus; when he vomited all over the carpet last night we were reminded that its not quite time yet to replace our old gross builder's spec carpeting. Maybe after potty training is done. But hopefully we can get do some landscaping, painting, and buy a new kitchen table (thanks, Em!)

Stay tuned.


Aunty Norma said...

I like the new site-look,Jenn...HAPPY NEW YEAR first of all...well I was going to do my 'moaning' on here but have had second thoughts ('cos there is always someone else in a worst position) don't you agree? anyway I wish for myself and my Family a much improved 2006 and never want to see another like 2005..but to look on the bright 2005 I found your Blogs! which give me great delight to read each thank you to you and Emily and Steph. for that little brightness..(pathetic aren't I) :o) I hope the Parents are enjoying their trip mmmmm xxx

paula said...

Happy New Year petal!!! Love the new look, and the new profile "wish I had 48 hours a day ..." made me smile.

Anonymous said...


Jenn, I absolutely adore the new blog look....very "fresh" and appropriate to kick off a new year.

2005 was a fairly good year for me and doesn't seem like it can ALREADY be over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Happy 2006 to everyone! =)

Love to all-Bevie-