Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Little Boy, Big Palate

Yesterday Colin and I were running around and went to Central Market, another local gourmet grocery store. I had run out of Yorkshire Gold tea, and they always have it. We ate lunch in their cafe before shopping. I decided to order us a pizza, made with pesto and goat cheese. He got a fruit salad, I got a Caesar. Soon, he was picking off all the goat cheese from his slices - in order to eat it FIRST -- then munching on the pesto-smeared bread.

As we headed into the grocery store, before we were near any food displays or anything, he started moaning, "Chocolate... chocolate... I want chocolate."

So I got him a 20 cents worth of dark chocolate chips when we went through the bulk section, and the little guy was happy.


Jess said...

So cute! Sounds like you both had a great lunch! I'm jealous!

Aunty Norma said...

hahahahaahahahaaha this really makes me laugh..so Mummy and Son-ish...lovely..just how it should be,Jenn. xx

Anonymous said...

I can't blame Colin...its normal to yearn for chocolate! I love every morsel of it!


Emily said...

I think Colin takes after his chocolate-craving Daddy.