Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy Holidays from Vetmommy!

I hope you like the new look! Its an Italian template.

This weekend was full of holiday cheer. Friday night we went to the local Holidays at Heritage Park. It was a party put on by the local parks department, held at in a large barn. There was hot chocolate, crafts for the kids, and Santa even came. The weather was cold and crisp - finally seasonally appropriate - and the kids had a great time.

Saturday I tried to photograph my kids for a Christmas picture. This is such an exercise in frustration. I don't understand why 2 children who are normally such hams for the camera refuse to look at me and smile for this photo. Do they sense how important it is, compared to usual casual photos? I put them on the playscape, and say, "Colin, look at me, Colin, smile and look at me, Colin COLIN COLIN! LOOK HERE! Please Colin, look at Mommy. Now, Colin, look here, Colin, Colin..." Finally he looks up, and I snap the camera, but Anna, who has been looking at me and saying with progressively less enthusiasm, "Cheese! Cheese. Cheese, cheeeeeese... cheeeeeeese..," her smile has completely faded and now she looks down. Repeat this scene 20 times, punctuated by moments where Colin runs off, and ignores all my requests for him to return; when I haul him back by the arm, Anna runs off to play elsewhere, and refuses to come back. I could send you lots of pictures of the tops of my kids' heads. It isn't lost on me that none of us are having fun, and the more my anxiety and frustration rises the less likely I'll get a good smile. At least I did get some good pictures in the end. In previous years it has taken multiple photography sessions, and one time I just downloaded a photo from video.

My friend Lisa is an excellent photographer, and sent me about 7 different excellent photos of her beautiful daughters. She was perplexed because they were all so good, how do you decide? Actually, this is what she said: "It is just so hard. A x-mas card photo has to be so many different things to different people. It has to clearly show the way the kids really look for relatives & friends far away. It has to show the kids' personalities for the people who see them all the time & don't want to see some fakey, posed portrait. And it has to look all serene & reverent, or goofy & fun, or present some other sort of scene or feeling. It has to generate an emotional response, not just make you think "Look how big they are getting." Okay, I promise I'm not as freaked out about this as it sounds. I'm just, um, having trouble deciding." Yes, this is the pressure women put themselves under this time of year!

Last night we went to my work Holiday Party. We thought it was going to be the 3rd year in a row Anthony would have to stay home because we could not find a babysitter AGAIN. But, one of our babysitters called back when her schedule cleared up, and we both got to go and had a great time. I actually curled my hair beforehand, and did much fancier make-up than my usual minimalist stuff, which was also stressful, because I never do this foo-foo stuff. I felt like such a poser, and wished Stephanie was there to do my make-up and hair. I was so afraid I would look like some child who just applied her mother's make-up with as much skill as a crayon drawing, or that my hair would be a big frizzy mess and I'd just have to put it all up in a ponytail. But everything turned out OK, and all my fellow workers were unrecognizable in nice clothes and pretty hair, instead of the usual scrubs and ponytails. Its our one big party of the year, both for me and for our clinic. I can't imagine having to do this almost every night during the holidays, like my poor sister Steph, for whom it becomes a chore. But with the practice, maybe I could make it look as easy to be beautiful as she does!


Daddy said...

I like the new look.
I bet you were a knockout at the party, all dolled up!

EdamameMommy said...

Oh, there are so many things to love about your new template. Most of all the commenti part. But why three puppies in stockings? Is there something you are wanting Santa to bring you for Christmas? Hmmm...
When I started reading this post, I was sure you were going to mention how much ridiculous effort I put into perfect pictures. But nope, I'm all hair and makeup. ha ha ha LOL. We do have an astounding number of event invites this month. We hosted Al's employees last night until after midnight. I am physically exhausted today, and my sweet husband suggested I go to just one of two work-related holiday parties today. Of course, that meant that he left while both kids and I stayed at the first party. Paige was "nudie bunzers" (her word) under her holiday attire and needed to poop, but there was a 6 yr old puking in the hosts' downstairs bath (did she drink the stout eggnog?). So I hauled Paige upstairs, basically a crapshoot that Graham would manage to behave while I was absent. Yikes, but it all worked out and I splurged on fried food for their dinner. They ate it while we drove around in the car looking at lights. Tis the season. Post pictures of you and your Tammy Faye self already, okay??!?!?!

EdamameMommy said...

Oh and p.s.

They do know you are stressed, they can totally sense the urgent need for this photo, and I think the best idea I ever had was to get it accomplished with our MOM and my sister-in-law by my side (note: NOT SPOUSE, again more stress that they sniff out like bomb dogs) We got the picture in about 2 minutes this year, thanks to these awesome women who made complete idiots of themselves. Hey they've both been there countless times. Can you just imagine the combined effort?

Aunty Norma said...

Yes I too like the new look,Jennifer...another interesting 'read'.xxx

paula said...

Hi Jenn, love the xmas template, really cool. Reading about your attempts to get a good seasonal photo with Anna and Colin made me laugh, also made me very grateful that we don't tend to have that tradition over here, I find it stressful enough having to choose over which bumper pack of Tesco/Asda christmas cards to choose ..... hmmmm let me see do I go cute and cuddly with glitter sprinkles or the more traditional religious scenes??!! then of course I have to get the time to sit and write them without Luke doing his designer scribbles all over the envelopes. And I agree with your daddy I bet you looked sensational at the party!! I always remember what Steph said on one of her postings, she tended to go for the minimalist look with make up most days and then when she did the full on look people thought she looked even more spectacular - so great! (typing with god knows what stains on my jeans and no make up even though it's 2.00pm and I really need to go out). XX

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jenn, I love the new blog look! Very nice and appropriate for Christmas!=)

Sorry about all that trouble with the photo this year...I'm sure it'll be cute anyway,and no one would EVEN guess your two kiddos had been un coporative!

Love...and Merry Christmas!


Emily said...

Cute new holiday blog!
Sorry the picture was difficult. (Thank God for digital, huh? Can you imagine all the film you would have gone through?) I can't wait to see the final product.

Jess said...

Well, I am glad you had fun at your Christmas party! I love the new template also! It looks so pretty! I wish I could have come to your aide for your Christmas party, but unfortunately I was writing two paper, and studying for three tests. Yes, the life of a college student! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I will be seeing you soon to get the scoop on watching your house over the Christmas Break! :)

Library Lady said...

Love the template.
The girls drive me nuts with Xmas pictures. We just got their new school pictures and they're pretty good, so they just may go into a frame card if I can't get the little darlings to pose nicely!