Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Moh Chocolate, Preese

My German mother-in-law gives my kids Advent Calendars every year. There is a quaint holiday scene with gnomes and forest creatures, and 24 doors. You get to open one every day in anticipation of Christmas, and underneath is a small chocolate.

Anna has the drill down - every morning BEFORE she eats breakfast, she pulls her calendar down, opens the door, comments on the design on the chocolate, and pops it into her mouth.

Colin is struggling a bit with the "one-chocolate-per-day" concept. "I hold mine's, preese," he says, that extra apostrophe-S showing it really is his possession. After some negotiation between us, I hand it to him, reminding him about one-per-day, and holding it while he clutches it, too. "Look, Mommy, look, another chocolate!" he says, and lightning fast opens the door to number 15. "No, no, Colin, you can't eat that one yet!" I scold him, and scotch tape No. 15 shut. "Moh chocolate... preese..." he whines.

"How about a vitamin?" I tempt him with the large bottle of chewable multivitamins. He picks out a purple, and feeds me an orange one.

Fortunately, he's got the one-per-day concept down pat on the vitamins.


Anonymous said...

Funny! Steph bought me an Advent calendar during my visit...I'm struggling with the one chocolate per day thing too! =) The little chocolates are surprisingly yummy - for being in cardboard for so long!

Give my fellow chocolate buddy a hug for me!


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Emily said...

I can just imagine Anna's methodical behavior as you describe it. She's so good. And poor Colin! One's just not enough. I can't wait to see them both at Christmas.

EdamameMommy said...

Yeah, we got a late start on our sinfully yummy Cadbury calendars from Auntie Em, and that was not a good precedent. We ate three on the first day and it has been a battle to understand that we are really only supposed to eat one a day!Graham and Colin are cut from the same cloth. Graham's fav breakie used to be macadamia nut pancakes, but now it is "chocobatte" and "piece of chocobatte" loosely translated as hot chocolate and a chocolate from the Advent calendar. And, I have to add, that in the middle of all the chaos yesterday, I found Graham totally sneaking pieces of the mint chocolate fudge Cinda made. Naughty naughty boy!!