Thursday, November 12, 2009

You've been a great audience! Goodnight!

Regina was awesome.  She sounded so good.  She played with a full band, by herself on piano, by herself with guitar, a capella, and it was all captivating.  I still can't get over how she can play piano with one hand, drums with the other (OK, it was just a chair but she did have a drumstick), and sing full voice and on pitch.  She did pull that ruse where she thanked us profusely and sincerely, and said this would be the last song, when she hadn't even played some of her most popular stuff.  So after the crowd cheered, she came back on and played another five songs.  I totally enjoyed those songs, and then she thanked us again and exited, and the lights immediately came on, and the background music, so you knew there wouldn't be any more, and we left.

But why do they even do that?  Act like they are done for the night, just so you will beg them for more songs, which they have prepared, just in case you insist?  Regina was so warm to the crowd, and seemed so genuinely touched by all the applause and shouts after her songs - why play the game?  Anyway, totally great performance, amazing voice and musicianship, every one of the songs written by her.

Now, back to packing packing packing.  Leaving for San Francisco in the morning!  The song they played after the lights came on last night was EW&F's September.  Nice premonition for Pomplamoose!


peevish said...

Wish I'd been there.

Have fun in SF! I know you will.

peevish said...

Also, Wow, Pomplamoose! Thanks for pointing me their way. They are adorable!