Friday, November 06, 2009


Look at the cute visitors I had at work today!

My sister's family picked up their new Viszla puppy in Austin today, and I got the first viewing. She is so precious! Her name is Vindaloo, or LouLou for short. We left her at my clinic and went and ate Indian food to celebrate. When we came back she was napping, all cuddled up like this:

When she woke up she looked at me with her gorgeous green eyes!

I am hoping they had a safe, uneventful trip home and have a quiet night tonight.


Laura said...

Are vizlas really stink free?

Vetmommy said...

Is any dog stink free? They are tidy with their sparse haircoat. This one has puppy breath, which people either love or hate.

EdamameMommy said...

Thanks for all the tips and instruction. I have some great pics to add to this whenever I get them downloaded.

She was a total lovebug the whole ride home and rotated warming all our laps. She didn't make any messes in the car or house, either. She went right away at Buc-ees and then did more business like a little champ at home. We are smitten!

paula said...

Oh wow, how cute, absolutely adorable. XXX

Emily said...

So cute! Glad she got the healthy check-up from Dr. Jenn.