Sunday, November 08, 2009


I love the way Colin talks, and I know a lot of his quirks will be fading fast. When he reads to us, he still over-pronounces the past tense of words. Looked becomes "look-ted," and there is "jump-ted," and "climb-ded," etc.

Also, for some unknown reason, he has always said "exturb," instead of disturb. Like, "Anna, you're exturbing me!" She always corrects him, but exturb persists. One morning I even heard, "I sense an exturbance in the force..."


Lula said...

My oldest daughter used to pronounce 'you' as 'loo', and say 'buhd' and 'tuhkey' instead of bird and turkey. I loved her little quirks, and miss them now that she's outgrown them. :( My youngest has a lisp that I hope she keeps forever, I love it so much. She also said "I missed-ted you!" like Colin! Cute!!!

Anonymous said...

When my son was a pre-schooler he called certain items by words he half made rain-brella, instead of umbrella. I thought it was very creative and adorable until his preschool teacher took me aside. She said these words must be corrected by a speech therapist if neccesary. Ridiculous. He is now a college senior and speaks perfectly, of course. Enjoy the little quirks before they outgrow them.