Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Anna could not get her nose out of a book yesterday. I had to tell her things repeatedly. She'd look up at me like she was coming up from underwater.

I understand. I was exactly the same way at her age (just ask my mother). But then every time I'd ask her to go in her room and do something, 10 minutes later I'd go in the and find her in her book again, tasks not done. Eventually she got overtired and overwhelmed, and I had to take charge and put her to bed. I tried to explain to her that you have to do your tasks first, then reward yourself with your reading. If I read all day like I want to, I'd never make dinner, do laundry, or do any of the things I need to do.

Today I did all my chores and pre-made dinner before the kids got home. Shortly after they get home, we have to go to gymnastics then piano. We don't get home until our usual dinner time, so its good to have everything done ahead of time. While they are doing their activities, I indulge in a little reading time of my own - usually my only chance all day. Only today, when it was time to leave, I couldn't find my book anywhere. I wanted to cry. Tick, tock, time to get in the car, and still no book. I was trying not to freak out, but I was pretty upset. Anna said sympathetically, "Want to read one of my books?"

Sadly, its still MIA.


peevish said...

Ooh, I would be so upset, too!

When the kids were in swim class, I would always play freecell while listening to npr on my iphone. I heart my iphone.

Which makes me sound so unsympathetic.
Well, I hope you've found it by now!


Emily said...

Yes, that sounds so much like you! I remember when we lived together in college, if you were reading, you wouldn't even hear me call you repeatedly. I found out I had to touch your arm while saying your name to get your attention away from the book. :-)

Hope you found your book. I've got another good one for you I'll bring at Thanksgiving.

Vetmommy said...

Book located! It was on my desk at work (?). Strange because we all thought we saw it on my desk at home yesterday morning.

Sinda said...

So glad you found it - that is just plain frustrating.

Hannah doesn't really get that whole "work now so you can play later" theory either!