Monday, November 09, 2009

Full Plate

I am tired today after a full day. I had 3 dentals and a spay scheduled, and managed to squeeze in a C-section. Yay! Those are always fun, especially when the delivered puppies are healthy. My afternoon was busy, too, mostly because I had two 5 o'clock appointments due to a small scheduling hiccup. One of them was a truly crazy owner who had to tell me all her crazy theories about what was wrong with her dog. He's a collie who used to weigh 65 lbs and now weighs 118 -- but he doesn't overeat! It's all because of the steroids he took in May! Listening to people like that is wearisome. The other 5 o'clock was a truly crazy lab with a comminuted fracture of her toe. She resisted the first two doses of sedative I gave her and needed a third just to get the splint on her. I'm sure she'll be back for a rebandaging of her splint before the scheduled 1 week check up.

I hope you guys are enjoying the synopsis of my day, because you'd have never heard it if not for NaBloPoMo!


Emily said...

I'm enjoying it!

But I wonder if my vet complains about me, since I always reference that my sister is a vet and quote you. I'm probably an annoying client, too! :-)

EdamameMommy said...

Me too. Sorry to pester you with questions at all times of the day. We decided not to take LouLou to feed the ducks, after all.

Anonymous said...

Do you do all of the dentals yourself, or do you have licensed vet techs that do them?