Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where is Anthony?

Anthony is in Chicago this week for training, staying at a swanky hotel, eating out every night in the windy city. Don't feel too jealous for him - he eats alone every night, and has to take a test tomorrow.

Everyday he sends us cool train pictures like this:

The kids miss him so much. Usually, Daddy is definitely second in priority to Mommy, but when he's gone, they talk about how much they love being with him all the time. "When is Daddy coming home?" Colin asked, again. "He's my favorite boy."

We've been successful at National Turn Off the TV week so far (so much easier now that I have TiVo safely squirreling away all my shows), but tonight I think I might watch an old episode of ER. It's not the show it used to be, and Anthony can't stand it/won't watch it with me anymore, but I can't give it up for sentimental reasons. So now that the kids are asleep I might watch it to get it off the queue, and to look for another glimpse of the "El" or other scenes where my sweetie is. (ER is set in Chicago, although I realize it is largely filmed in a studio in CA).


get2eric said...

Sounds like 'Where in the world is Matt Lauer?'

Eating in Chicago every night gets lonely.

get2eric said...

Those trains aren't nearly as good as trains once were. You can't tell if they're going or coming. And no huffing and puffing of steam and sliding of wheels.

mr man said...

There's only so much pizza and sausage you can eat. Clearly, he's distressed: standing in the middle of the EL lines to snap a quite colorful photo of downtown Chicago. Where's all the grunge in the air?

Hope testing goes well, and Dad gets home to the family safely and soonly.

Sinda said...

Hey, Jesse is in Chicago too - only he just left yesterday, and will be gone until Sunday. Plus, he's staying in Oak Brook, so not as swanky. But he is surrounded by adults, so he's got that going for him.

Congrats on Turning it Off!

Alissa said...

chicago sounds like fun! I used to love ER, Thur nights were such great TV

Emily said...

Cool pic. I bet Colin and Uncle Voelker loved it!

mainlyclearskies said...

Great job on keeping the TV turned off!

peevish said...

I love that photo!

Well, now that ER is up against LOST, I don't think I'll be seeing it. I miss it sometimes, though. Especially Luca. Yum!
I miss all the old cast, too, though, like Kerry. I thought she'd be there 'til the end.

Emily said...

Where is Jennifer?