Friday, April 04, 2008

Grim day, with cake

Today was one of the crappiest days I've ever had at work. First I found out that the wonderful Japanese clients I sent back to Japan with a health certificate were now without their dog, because the Japanese quarantine officials didn't like that I left a 3 year old rabies vaccine off their form. After getting the forms faxed to me from Japan, filling them out and taking them twice to the USDA for certification (thank goodness we're in Austin), then faxing and Fedex-ing them to Japan, and numerous international phone calls, I am hopeful they will be able to get their beloved dog on Monday. This endeavor started at 8:30 am and ended at 4 pm.

We also had the electricity go out for about an hour due to weather, which made everything at our computerized clinic STOP. We were backed up for hours.

Also, a dog bit me unprovoked on the hand. It didn't break the skin but it hurt and bruised.

Worst of all, I lost a beloved patient under anesthesia for no good reason. She had a full preanesthetic workup that was normal. She did well for most of the procedure. We saw her oxygenation drop, so we started breathing for her. Then her heart just stopped, and despite CPR and epinephrine and intense efforts for 30 minutes, she was inexplicably gone. I could write a lot more about this subject but it pains me too much. Days like today make me question everything about the fragile, precious lives in our hands. Thank goodness for the grace and kindness of the technicians, doctors, and managers around me.

And, to completely change the subject - have you ever had a friend tell you about their dream, and it was so vivid and funny you felt like you were there? And so you were inspired to make them a birthday cake about their dream?

My friend Fran had a dream about cats who lived in aquariums, swimming happily underwater. She's turning 30, hence the cake (designed by me, but totally executed by Anthony). Feliz cumpleanos, Fran!

Also, find everything you wanted to know about making a cupcake cake here.


Laura said...

I'm so sorry about losing your patient. And about the bite. And I know what you mean about the USDA paperwork. We have a whole team of folks who do that at work.

EdamameMommy said...

Oh man, I'm sorry Jenn. That has to be so heartbreaking. Unexplained sudden loss of life leaves you so stunned. I can only relate from human experience, not feline. hugs sister.

the cake rocks as per usual. I'm sure it made her day!

peevish said...

Sorry you had such an awful day! I'm so glad they aren't all like that.

The cake is gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, you guys, for the kind words. Laura, are you really up at 5 am on a Saturday?

Emily said...

Wow! that cake is awesome. You and Anth make quite a team.

Sorry to hear about your crappy day. Some days you just want to throw in the towel and start over. Hope you got to end it with a nice martini from your man.

Alissa said...

I, too, am sorry about your bad day at work. Try to remember all of the good days and all the animals that you help. I know it is very sad to lose a patient, especially with no good reason.

Joey said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about questioning everything. I was in such a funk yesterday that the only escape was to go to sleep. And what did I dream about? Work.

I was driving home last night wondering why am I a vet. Days like yesterday really make me wish I was a stay-at-home mom. Most days I feel like I'm really helping to make a difference in the lives of the pets and their families. But days like yesterday just totally shatter my confidence and renew my fear of anesthesia.

Dana said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. :(

mainlyclearskies said...

I'm so sorry about your crappy day - especially the loss of your patient.

I love the birthday/dream cake! And thanks for the info on the cupcake cake.

Leah said...

I hope you felt my hug by the squeeze on the shoulder that day. I wanted to hug you so bad but I knew you had to try and get through the rest of your day and your other surgery.

I wish we could erase that day for ever. It was a very bad day.

get2eric said...

I'm sorry for the lousy day too.

paula said...

Am sorry you had such a crappy one Jenn, try and stay positive and think of all the great stuff you do every single day. The cake is amazing. XX

Anonymous said...

How very sad,Jenn. for you after you doing the best you could (hug)
Thanks for the cupcake recipe's a wonderful idea and so easy to follow..(I think) :o)
Aunty Norma.xx

Lula said...

Sorry for your bad day. Try to remember all the animals and owners that you DO're such a caring and sweet person.

Thanks for sharing, too. It helps to remind us all that everyone has a bad day every now and again, and makes it easier to get through our own without feeling completely inept.