Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Migration Margarita

When Francesca and I jogged around the lake today, we saw a huge flock for pelicans, about 75 of them, taking a rest on their migration north. I cannot tell you how excited this made me. I made sure to point them out to everyone I passed on the trail. I'm an animal dork like that. Francesca did not notice them, but last year when we saw them she turned her predatory gaze towards them and the entire flock (about 200 that time) took flight en masse and headed for Round Rock. It was awesome and disappointing. I was happy that they stayed put this time. I did really wish I had Angie and her camera with me.

I cleaned the house for about 4 hours today (whew!) then cooked all afternoon - fish, rice, guacamole, and beans for dinner, shepherd's pie for tomorrow's dinner, Nigella's Breakfast bars for the rest of the week. Also, a perfect margarita, on the rocks. I needed it, after all that domestic labor!

2 parts premium tequila
1/2 part triple sec (I used Paula's Texas Orange)
1 part citrus juice (half lime, half Meyer lemon)
1/2 part simple sugar (or more, if you have a sweet tooth, like Anthony)


get2eric said...

Well, I know from where you got the wild life dorkiness.

Steph and I have been looking not only at the owls, but some little finch-like birds that are building in her planter next to the pool.

We had some 54 tonight. It is tight even after decantering for 1.5 hrs.........your margarita sounds better.

Sinda said...

How cool is that?!

We planned to go birding at the Coast for Spring Break, but our plans were derailed by the flu. Now Jesse is down there with his class on a week-long camping trip, and I got jealous hearing about the birds he's seen.

Have you made those breakfast bars before? Do you love them? I'm the only one who eats them around here, unless we're far from any other food and people are desperate. It works for me, though - I can make a batch last a few weeks. LOVE them!

Thanks for your sweet note about Georgie-girl.

mr man said...

We've been enjoying the different variety of birds, too.

Robins stayed around all winter, and when they come in to nest are so noisy, Lisa calls them: the monkeys.

There's a tiny nut-hatch, I think, that climbs down a tree trunk upside-down (face first).

There are northern flickers, that are huge (could kick a grackles butt) and quite striking.

Some of my favorites are the crows and ravens: these guys are humongous.

and all the hawks and other raptors: thriving on the prairie-dog villages that proliferate the countryside.

Emily said...

Cool! I don't see too many birds here in NYC, except for pigeons, and some little Chickadees in the bushes at City Hall Park.

Laura said...

I have a migraine recipe for you. I haven't tried it, but my boss brought me the recipe after the last time I asked a bunch of people to conduct a meeting in the dark, which they did without complaint. I intend to try it the next time I have a headache.

The instructions are to dissolve 1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper in 4 ounces of warm water. Dip cotton swabs into the pepper water, and then apply to the inside of your nostrils. Supposedly, when the burning sensation ceases, your headache will be gone.

There is some really interesting research into pain and capsaicin, so I'll give it a try.

Diane said...
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EdamameMommy said...

ugh spammy comment in front of me, so distasteful.

Well, everyone has their margarita recipe, esp here in the great state of Tejas, but I couldn't make it without a grind or two of sea salt and where is your water/ice component there chica? Sounds like a margarita martini the way it reads, you shakin that over ice? I always use Cointreau instead of triple gack, too. Your micro liquor sounds intriguing, though. What typo de tequila you sportin' there?

angie said...

You should see the pictures I take AFTER I've had a margarita or two. They become much more, um, creative.

Jennifer said...

Laura, as I read it now, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try that. But thinking of how desperate I am for relief in the throws of a migraine, I might give it a try. Yikes.

Sinda, we all love the Breakfast bars. I add about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to the mix, and sub coarsely chopped almonds for the peanuts. How can your family not love them?

Steph, you are right, I am shaking that mix in the martini maker AND pouring over ice. Salt makes everything taste better.