Sunday, September 23, 2007

Photo update

We were eating at our favorite local Thai restaurant Saturday night, and on Anna's 5th bite (she's very sure that's the one) she said, "Ow!" and Anthony plucked her front tooth out!

She was so chuffed with herself, and for the rest of the evening did a little dance in her chair. The waitresses all came over to make sure she was OK, then congratulated her, too.

The chicks keep growing (and peeping). They still could fit into a teacup, but are getting primary feathers on their wings and tail. Even at this tiny age, if we put them in the dirt, they scratch and eat tiny ants! It is very difficult to take a photo of them, because when I squat down they try to run under me like I'm a momma hen. We keep them in a bird cage on the porch, and at night they snuggle together in a little 4 inch pot Anthony put in there. They are so cute! In a week they'll be gawky teenagers. When they are nearly full size, we'll put them down in the chicken yard with the old girls, who will peck them mercilessly. There really is a pecking order, and most of it has to do with seniority. Still, these little chicks are very lucky, to get to live outside, to scratch and eat bugs, and never have their beaks cut off, which is the fate of most caged birds that give us eggs or meat. Those birds are packed 5 to a tiny cage too small to properly turn around, and never get a ray of sun or breath of fresh air. Sorry, I don't mean to be too soap-boxey, but it is a shame the way we treat most animals that we eat.

But, these girls will be happy hens and lay some tasty, healthy eggs!


get2eric said...

It is not good the way some producers treat animals. While I don't have a big problem eating meat, I know that the fowl and pigs and cattle feel pain just like we do.
And I want them to be treated with consideration.
Glad that these little buggers will live a relatively happy life just hunting for food and waiting for the daily feeding.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would post a photo of Anna's first front tooth "void". So glad she called us last night to tell us the news - yipee!! We are so happy for Anna. Hope the tooth fairy was kind --- and can not wait to see her and Colin in a few weeks. Love you all, lots!!!

peevish said...

So Cute! I love the photo of Colin.
Please congratulate Anna for us.

Emily said...

Yes, it was very exciting to get the call from Anna. I told her, "I bet you look cute!" and she said, "Yes, I do!"

That picture of Colin is precious. Guess if he's holding an animal, kitten or fowl, you can capture it!
The chicks are very cute.

Lula said...

Aww, your kids are so doggone cute! I love the tooth void!

I am also trying to talk my b-friend into building me a chicken coop at his house so I can have some chickens. Peep peep peep peep peep peep peep...etc.

Dana said...

Preach away--it is horrible the way we treat them. Too bad we have to work two jobs to afford the more decently treated ones.

Alissa said...

I love Anna's tooth and her big happy, gap toothed grin! Did she put it under her pillow?

Library Lady said...

I always find it ironic that they (and we!) go through so much pain and suffering when they cut those teeth, only to lose them!

JR keeps managing to lose her lost teeth before they can go under the pillow. The first time I let her write the Tooth Fairy a note, but this time, I ignored the tears and said too bad. I'm such a MEAN mommy!