Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dancing Queens

Man, did we have a great weekend! The highlights included TWO kinds of dancing, country and western.

OK, also Ballet. But first we went to a real honkytonk, the Broken Spoke. It was built in 1964, and has not suffered many updates at all. Plywood tables surround a narrow dancefloor, and a live band provided classic tunes - The Geesinslaws (kinda sounds like a drunkard saying "Geezers eatin' slaw"). The crowd was interesting - lots of over-the-hill couples who dourly waited with their beers for the band to start, then seriously started cutting a rug. Two separate thirty-something guys who stood by the cashier (not by the bar!), beer in hand, toes tapping and heads nodding to the music, eyes glued to the action on the dance floor but not asking anyone to dance. Oh yeah, and us - Kareen & Cole, Leah, and my clan.

Anthony, who has been anti-country for the last decade (since distancing himself from Aggieland), is ironically the only one of us with proper boots. Anna has a pink pair I got on clearance at Target that are 2 sizes too big. Colin wore hiking boots, and I wore heels. It didn't matter - there were Tony Lamas, heels, tennis shoes, and flipflops out there.

Since the band didn't come on until 9:15, the kids quickly tired out and were ready to go after a few tunes. Anthony indulged me in one 2-step before we left, but Anna came along - she held my left hand while Anth guided me cheek-to-cheek. Happy Birthday, Kareen!

Today, Anna and I went to Ballet Austin's Midsummer Night's Dream. She so eagerly anticipated this event! We got into our seats with plenty of time and read the plot summary in the program. As the lights came on and the overture played, Anna could hardly contain herself in her seat! "Oh, Mommy, when is it going to start!?! I want them to come out! I am so excited! When are they going to dance?" she said in her loud stage whisper.

Finally they did come out. It was fabulous, beautiful and also funny. Anna loved the physical comedy, and recognized some of the stuff she does in class. The whole family will have to go to the Nutcracker in a few months.


get2eric said...

Anthony has not been completely anti country.......I heard him singing 'I've got friends in low places' with
Garth Brooks in the background a few months ago.

Emily said...

Sounds like fun times. I'm glad Anna is so interested in the fine arts! Her enthusiasm is contagious.