Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Colin is devastatingly cute and grown up with his new, short-boy haircut. The long 70s look was great while he had curls, but since he seems to be growing straight hair now, its better when its shorter and shorter. Plus, he is so gender-conscious in everything! It's all boy/girl, black/white, ying/yang with him. And, of course, everything boy is better. If we weren't careful, I'm sure we'd have a little male chauvinist piglet on our hands.

He's also very tender-headed, so the minimal grooming is appreciated, also.

He is very difficult to photograph, moving precisely when I press the button, or pulling some crazy "fat turkey" face. He is always game to pose while holding (terrorizing?) the kittens.

While Anna is extremely gifted linguistically, Anthony and I have always joked that Colin speaks English as a second language. (Don't ask me what the first was). I have written down some of the adorable things he's come up with this summer:

"That he do." ...we hear this one frequently

"Shoes is a great place for your feet."

"Nice potty you got there, Daddy!"

"He didn't PATCH, Mommy." ...referring to an egg

"Goodnight. Now go out, Daddy. This is my bed....but I can share!"

"This is a boy train. You don't need tickets." ...referring to my Highlander

"My penis is folded the wrong way."

"Stinky cheese makes me feel yummy." Amen, brother!


ColeBugsmommy said...

It is so ironic, tonight I was getting ready to write a quick post about some of the funny things Cole says. Wow, Colin looks so grown up with that haircut!

Jess said...

What a boy! What a handsome young man! Jeez, did he just grow up right before the camera? His haircut makes him look so much more grown up!

Wow! Jeez! I cannot believe it!

What a cutie he is! I miss you all so much! Your kittens have grown too! Wow! Your whole family is just growing and growing!

I miss you all!


Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Jessica - he is so big and grown up! And the kittens don't look like kittens any more!! The Martins are definitely growing.
Love, Nana

Emily said...

Ha ha ha...I don't even know what he means by some of those things! But he is adorable. I like it when he exclaims, "Aw, how CUUUUUTE!"

EdamameMommy said...

LOL the cat's ears and facial expression in the last one -- you have to click on it to see how funny that pic is! The ESL comment is funny, Jenn. Round here our preschool speech is now Gdad influenced, with phrases like "Good-o" and "Do you see the difference?" Cracks me up every time.