Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things I am wondering tonight

1. What are my friends in Colorado doing? I hope they get internet access soon.

2. What kind of teacher is Anna going to get for first grade? I really liked her kindergarten teacher. We meet the new teacher Monday night, right before the first day of school.

3. How bad will it be at work when Kareen is gone, teaching full-time? I guess I'll get a little taste of that this semester, when she is gone student teaching 2 out of the 3 days I work. I know she is anxious to move on with her career, and I'll try to be happy for her.

4. How can I get on to Chicken Flicken's page? Michelle, help me!

5. How beautiful is the night view from Emily's new apartment?

6. When will I see baby Evie again?

7. When will Paula post again?

7. What is going to happen next in Harry Potter? (DO NOT TELL ME!) I read the first two chapters of the Deathly Hallows today on my lunch break.


Emily said...

Is this your attempt to copy my "stream of conscious" writing?
The view from the apt is good, day or night. Come up and see!

get2eric said...

Yeah, you got Paula to post

peevish said...

Hiya! We are connected, but I haven't managed to post yet. I'm still opening box after box trying to find the nail clippers.

At the moment (9:49am) it is gorgeous and sunny, and 70 degrees. Perfect.

Have you finished the book yet??

peevish said...

Oops. 8:49am. Need to change the time zone on the computer.

Michelle said...

Hey Lady, sorry about that. I've been meaning to email everyone and say that I am not blogging now.

Still catching up on everyone else, though.

Michelle aka ChickenFlicken