Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Five things in a brown paper sack.

Anna's first day of first grade was great. She got up before I went into her room, got dressed right away, and walked around the house wearing her empty backpack (we took the school supplies last evening at meet-the-teacher night). I suggested she take the backpack off and eat her breakfast, then left for work. Her dad drove her to school and dropped her off at the front door, like a big returning student. She found her new classroom no problem.

Her first "homework" assignment is to bring a bag with five items to share with the class, things to talk about to help them get to know her. She put in her bag:

1. Small model horse (because she loves horses).

2. Picture with her brother, eating smores.

3. Picture of our cats, Fratello and Sorella.

4. Picture of her with a bird on her head, from the Dallas Zoo.

5. Medal she got for running a Kids' 1K.

It got me thinking, what would I put in my bag? Probably, a big canine tooth extracted from a patient, my chef's knife, a good book, a cork from a bottle of yummy red wine, and a picture of my precious family. What would be in your bag? (You can post in comments. Or, anyone up for a meme?)


ColeBugsmommy said...

How funny! On Tuesday I have to bring five things to share with my Kindergarten class to tell them about me. I have been looking around the house all night.

1. A picture of Cole...duh
2. Something to do with animals for work, haven't decided what yet.
3. A book because I love to read
4. Something from one of my travels
5. Last, probably one of my grandpa's carvings

Leah said...

hmmmm...I think that I would bring:
1. My Ipod
2. Pic. of all my pets (7dogs, 2 ferrets, 1 cat and my horse)
3. Dance Shoes
4. Pic of what 50lbs of fat would look like.
5. My Harley Davidson (pic of course because it wouldn't fit in a paper sack.)

Leah said...

oh....I forgot...i know that I could only do 5 so..I think I would take the Harley out and put in my Tri Medal in.

Emily said...

Anna looks so grown up! And so beautiful. I love how she looks so confident and ready, and yet one of her feet is slightly turning on edge. I love that girl.

Dana said...

That is a good question. Hmmm....
1) A baseball
2) A bottle of lavender oil
3) The wedding ring my dad gave my mom.
4) My tarot cards
5) My keys to BAH and all my clients' houses.
I wouldn't have to put anything in there from my cat because she covers me wherever I go.

Alissa said...

I would bring:
1) a picture of my wedding
2) a picture of my vacation to Italy
3) my ultrasound picture of baby brown
4) my stethoscope
5) the giant clump of hair I sweep up daily from Remi and Brie, or just a picture of them

peevish said...

I would bring:

1. one of Ruby's drawings
2. one of Lyra's long blond hairs, probably pulled from Michael's whiskers. His beard always manages to catch & hang onto their hairs, like velcro.
3. whichever book I happen to be reading at the time. Right now: Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries or The East Village Inky.
4. an old photo of me & Mr. Man, the way we were.
5. my Lomo.

Jess said...

Awww! Anna looks so grown up in this picture! She is so cute! I am glad she put all those wonderful things in her bag! They really do describe her personality very well!

I wonder what Colin would put in his bag! (Possibly a train or a basketball??? Hum...)

I think I would put...

1. My passport
2. My laptop (if it fit)
3. A picture of the people near and dear to my heart
4. My UT class ring
5. A subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine - haha.

What about Anthony? I wonder what he would put - I am assuming something to do with wine also.

You both have such intellectual and refined tastes! (You would never write a magazine subscription to Cosmopolitan...haha.)

I miss you guys! I hope all is well! Do you have any school pictures of Colin to post? I would love to see how the little guy has grown up this summer too...

jeez, they grow up so fast. I feel old. :(

Library Lady said...

I'd bring:
1)A picture of the Man and my girls--probably one taken in New York!
2)My ballet shoes
3)A tomato from my garden--if they're in season, which they still are right now.
4)Something I baked--today that would be challah rolls
5)Probably a copy of "Little Women"--my favorite book for many years, or perhaps a copy of "One Morning In Maine"