Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ft. Worth

After our tour of "Big D," we went over to Ft Worth to see our friends and their cute new baby, Wyatt. Anna really liked him a lot! Colin is not so into babies, so we took him on a great train ride.

For a kiddie train, this was a great one. It's the longest ride in Texas, and goes over the Trinity River several times (we saw a snowy egret, great white heron, and a great blue heron) and under several REAL cargo train tracks, which impressed Colin greatly. The train makes a little stop where you can buy drinks and popcorn at the depot, and the prices weren't too jacked up.

Our friends have a little garage apartment where we stayed. Anna and Colin loved this. They wanted to make frequent trips to the garage department, or grage tah-partment. Here is Wyatt with his mom, Deedra. (Sorry, no pic of his dad, David).

It was a nice relaxing weekend for us, just hanging out, looking at the baby, eating in. Here's their perspective.


A.Norma said...

Your Friends seem nice people Jen...I read the Blog..:o) xx

EdamameMommy said...

Ah, great pics and post. DAP looks so natural holding WAP there. Good candid -- and I love hers of Colin on her blog, too.
I am jealous of that train ride. Sounds like a winner.
I'm sure I'd have wittier things to say if I had my normal coffee in me. Vacations make the morning caffienation a bit of a challenge, don't they? I'm going to run to "The Bean" and get a proper cappuch in a minute. Oopsie..
Must run, boobie monster is stirring, caffeine will have to wait! :)

paula said...

I agree with aunty Norma they do seem like really nice people, and what a cute little boy!!! Love the pics of the train ride.

Anonymous said...

Where is that train? I would love to take my daughter on that, she'd love it!