Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to Work!

Because of my crazy long-days schedule, today was my first day back in 18 days. My mom jokingly asked me yesterday if I still knew what to do. After 12 years, it's like riding the proverbial 2-wheeled vehicle.

After a 2 week vacation, though, its extra fun! I had a morning full of dentistry, which I loved, pulling lots o'teeth in record time, even though I had to wipe the blood off my face later. (I do wear gloves, mask, and goggles, FYI).

I came home to 2 happy boys, dinner warm in the oven, martini cold in the freezer. Man, what a great work day!

Anna is in Houston, enjoying a week basking in her grandparents' sunshine. Colin has started preschool, but thanks to the Texas legislature bowing to lobbyists for summer recreational businesses, Anna's school doesn't start until the 28th. This left us high and dry without childcare, but my mom and dad, starved without any Houston grandkids this August, thankfully took up the call! We talked to Anna this evening, and she made it very clear she is having lots of fun (The zoo! Swimming! Chuy's TexMex! all in the first day!) and she is not ready to come home. I think Colin is enjoying being his parents' center of attention, too, but his first question this morning was, "Where is Anna?"

One more fun vacation photo, playing Mexican Bingo in the RV:


Joey said...

Welcome back! As you may have noticed, I have not found the time to move out of our desk while you were gone. It's become somewhat of a low priority for me. When things get slow enough, I'll make it happen.

I've really enjoyed all the vacation pics. I'd love to do the same w/ my kids someday.

Emily said...

I hope Anna & Colin survive their separation better this time than when I absconded with Anna to Dallas!

EdamameMommy said...

Good to hear that chipper tone in your post that comes from having a nice break and having a great homelife when the work day is over.

If you are looking for blog entry ideas while Anna the Wonderful is away, please consider my earlier request for a short piece on underappreciated loveable breeds (aka what's makes a good family pet beyond labs and goldens) and/or what to look for in a shelter or rescue dog. I just really value your opinion and I bet I wouldn't be the only one to appreciate reading your thoughts on that. :)