Monday, July 02, 2007

A Summer I Won't Forget

The deluge from the heavens is continuing; we got rain again today. Anthony and I joke with each other, "Oh, good. It's raining. We really needed it." Any typical droughty summer that would be true.

The land is responding to all the weather. Our highs are only in the 80s, and it's July already. Of course, the air is humid and full of mosquitoes. Also, the toad population is booming. They leap away from the lawn mower, which must be employed twice a week now. The grass is surging with all the moisture.

I finally heard the cicadas last week. They are late. Usually their metallic roar is the personification of the rippling Texas summer heat to me. Not this year.

Also making this a soggy summer for me is the prospect of some of my favorite people moving away. First off, our favorite family friends are off to Colorado. I am excited for what it means for them - a new climate, a new home, new opportunities - but so sad to miss our favorite Saturday night date. It's not often you find a couple that are so compatible with both of you - these guys even have children the same age as ours, and we all love to "play" together. We had them all over on Saturday, and the hours slipped by way too fast.

Then, my dear sister Emily has an awesome new job in New York City. It's a huge step up, and just the right time in her life. But not having our Auntie Emily just a few hours drive away for her monthly visits will be hard for us. Sure, we'll visit and see her at Christmas, but we'll be in withdrawal.

OK, must end this post before my keyboard dissolves in a watery grave...


EdamameMommy said...

I agree enough with the waterworks (more the sky kind than the weeping) It is really sad how many dead animals I saw on my block today from the rain: hatchlings catapulted by torrential rain from their nest onto our driveway for us all to see -- made me uncharacteristically queasy, perhaps post partum hormones had something to do with that! -- a possum, a squirrel and a robin all belly up on our street, too. All in the last 24 hrs. Rain in the forecast for the entire week. Wow.

Sinda said...

I was curled up on the couch last night, finishing a book, when the rain started, and a feeling of calm just washed over me. It's funny how different it feels to have rain so regularly instead of as an infrequent treat.

Anonymous said...

Yes, having Emily so far away in NYC is something new for all of us but ohhhhh, what an opportunity for her! Hopefully she will travel to Texas more often than just at Christmas ... she will be closer to one relative relocated to NY - "little" Rob Lewis!!

Sorry your friends have moved onto Colorado. Now you have 2 destinations to visit, though. :)
Love, M

peevish said...

We haven't actually left yet, and I'm already very much looking forward to your visits! I keep trying to stay focused on the move so I don't have to think about what we are leaving behind. But it made me happy, more than I can say, that you were so quick to say you'd come see us there.

I'm absolutely thrilled for Emily. She is gonna have some amazing experiences (good & probably bad) and you will benefit from all those stories, not to mention a place to stay when you visit!

Laura said...

Sounds like you're having a typical Maine summer. Odd thing is, we're not. It's been absolutely gorgeous. Even the fireworks weren't rained or fogged out this year.

Your tomatoes are gorgeous. Pinwheels can also deter deer... until they become acclimated to them.

ColeBugsmommy said...

You know there has been a lot of rain when Cole's favorite phrase of the moment is "Turn around, don't drown."