Thursday, July 05, 2007

Los Gatitos

July 4th was kind of a bust for us, drizzling most of the day. Nothing will perk up your 6 year old, though, like going to get some new kittens.

This brother and sister pair are on trial at our house - so far going well. They are 7 week old babies, and we are trying to slowly introduce them to the enthusiastic Francesca dog. Anna adores them, and talking about them is a better motivator than Santa Claus himself.

They came with the monikers "Patch" and "Princess," which will never do, since my dad's dog is Patches, and Princess is too common. We are mulling some new names; any suggestions?


Jess said...

What adorable kittens!!! I love them both! Maybe since most of your animals have such unique names, you should name them after some cities you will be traveling to this next summer! I think they are so cute!

peevish said...

salt & pepper
itchy & scratchy
inky & jet
Antonia & Ian (but, Eew! because the kittens are siblings, right?)

Dana said...

Well, since cats think they're Gods anyway, what about Artemis and Hermes? Or Athena and Apollo? Helen and Minos? Summer and Joaquin? Jake and Maggie? (just trying to think of famous siblings here, because you can't very well name them Anna and Colin, can you?) Dunya and Rodya? Monica and Ross? Claire and Jack?!!

Emily said...

Oh! How cute!!!

Since I'm in England...
Diana & Charles? nah!

I think you should stay with the Italian trend of Francesca.

Laura said...

Romeo & Juliet?
Fred & Ethel?

Have you tried a fake owl in your garden to keep the birds away? I have no idea if they work, never having tried myself, but they're very popular around here.

get2eric said...

Mona and Lisa has a nice ring to it.
As does Mart and Tini.......

Cleo and Petra? Ron and Regan?
Ben/Hur...........Ben and Jerry.
Aristotle and Jaqueline.
Bet you're glad you asked.

EdamameMommy said...

Oh, nice project for us. Let's see, something that references nyc and CO maybe? Manhattan and Boulder? Sinatra and Denver?

or just for fun: Simon and Garfunkel

Love the "tuxedo" on what I am guessing is Patch the boy.

paula said...

Naaahhh, go for the English angle, hmm Fish and Chips, Pie and Peas, Wet and Windy, Dark and Dismal (sorry just looking out of the window on the last two). Seriously go for something really cute as they are absolutely gorgeous.

ColeBugsmommy said...

Wow, how did you talk Anthony into not one but two cats. Okay I'm going w/ the Italian theme:

fratello - brother
sorella - sister

bello and carino - cute

ombra - shadow (black)
pinguino - penguin (black/white)

Joey said...

If you stick w/ Italian...

Sera (night)
Giorno (day)

Library Lady said...

No name ideas, but oh they are adorable. I love black cats--we have a solid (and I do mean SOLID) black male right now, and we had a late lamented girl who my husband said looked like a "painter's helper"--lots of white splashes!

angie said...

Awwww, nothing cuter than snuggly kittens. My animals all tend to have goofy names, nothing dignified or lyrical, so I won't make you roll your eyes at my suggestions!

Chicken Flicken said...

I was going to suggest Itchy and Scratchy (since that is what those little fuzzballs would do to my face), but peevish beat me to it.

How about Sausage and Pepperoni?
Peas and Carrots? Peanut Butter and Jelly? Peaches and Herb? Henry and Gladys?

I dunno.