Monday, July 09, 2007

On Names and Delays

WOW, I can't believe all the comments with all the great name suggestions! Thanks, everyone, for chiming in. We are leaning toward "Sorella," and "Fratello," (brother and sister in Italiano), which makes Kareen the winner. Winner of what, I don't know - a free kitten?

Anthony likes Sylvester for the boy cat, but nobody else does. What does he know? He wanted to name Claudio "Boots!" So, the full names may be "Fratello Sylvester," and "Princess Sorella," but you can guess what we'll call them - as soon as we unlearn Patches and Princess.

It is impossible to be anything but cheerful and amused around two playful kittens. Anthony has never been around kittens before and is amazed by their antics. They were wrestling together on the bed, and tumbled off as Anthony yelled, "Oh no!" He didn't realize those soft flexible bodies practically bounce.

Today at work I saw a long time client who wanted to discuss tweaking her dog's arthritis medications. I actually would have given her advice on this for free on the phone since I had previously prescribed them, but she really wanted to sit and discuss her dog's case in person (and was willing to pay an office call), so I was happy to oblige. Her old dog had a terrible bout of meningitis in May, one that landed him at the specialty hospital to get a CT scan. He was in a coma for a while and nearly died, but now is nearly completely recovered.

The owner clearly is devoted to this dog, but did admit in a moment of weakness that maybe it would have been better if he had passed away when he was comatose, altered, and blind. She clarified that although he was great now, the recovery had been arduous. Plus, there was the cost of his care and the pricey medications he was still on. Plus, there were several indoor bouts of diarrhea she didn't appreciate!

His continued care is so intensive, she and her husband feel they are both unable to leave town together. They cancelled their long-planned cruise to Alaska, "And I've wanted to go to Alaska my whole life!" Instead they are going to Port Aransas, on the Texas Gulf coast, which is a sorry substitute indeed!

Overall, of course, she is glad that her dog is better, and that she has a little more quality time with him. He is 14, so she knows whatever time is left is limited. Alaska, for now, can wait.


ColeBugsmommy said...

I'm a possible WINNER! I'll pass on the prize though :-) You need to bring those babies to work so we can see them.

Emily said...

Wow. That is devotion.

Dana said...

I'm so glad the kittens are working out (aren't you glad I gave you their picture?) I can't believe Anthony has never been around kittens before? How do you live your whole life and never see kittens? I miss kittens. My cat is middle-aged and demanding. I can't wait for old and grumpy.