Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Look what we made!

In our quest for rainy day projects, we decided to go to the fabric store to get Anna supplies so we could make a fun new dress for her. Then we saw Buzz Lightyear fabric on sale for $2 a yard, and Colin begged for something, too.

It was pretty fun to explain the steps of sewing to Anna, and I was pleased how they came back to me - I haven't sewed anything except a stray button since before she was born. Both kids "helped" with their projects - which mostly meant they helped me "drive" the sewing machine and took pins out of things. They really aren't dexterous enough to cut fabric or do much more yet. But the important thing is the process, and they both learned a lot.

Anna's simple dress was touted as a 2-hour project, but it probably took rusty old me EIGHT. It didn't help that I sewed the straps on wrong 4 times. I was hungry and needed to be cooking dinner, not sewing. I put it away and finished it correctly the next day. Also note the nifty ribbon Anna chose herself to decorate the bottom hem.

I did not make Colin's Tshirt, but I did put an applique from the shorts fabric on it. They both love their new outfits so much, I had to wash them so they could wear them again the very next day. Makes all that sewing frustration worth it!


get2eric said...

Man, they look great. I also see they are replicating the 'face pulling' antics from when I last took their pics.
Lovely outfits. Hurrah!

Emily said...

So cute! What a great mom...creative and educational.

I seem to remember you as a girl made a lot of funny faces, too!

EdamameMommy said...

Great work!
Here are some other rainy day ideas(all of which I'm sure you've employed before):
*lay out black paper on the kitchen floor and adhere with painters tape, then let them do sidewalk chalk on it.
*built forts out of sheets
*wash and shampoo dolls in the tub
*make rice crispy treats or popcorn (cookies, etc)
*Give everyone a lysol wipe and have them do a carwash of their toys
*poppy paper (bubble wrap) stomping
*turn up the tunes and dance
*go to the library

ColeBugsmommy said...

What a fun project!

Library Lady said...

They're fabulous. I wish I could sew that well. Then again, I gave away the sewing machine about 1 daughter ago. :)

paula said...

Wow, am so very impressed, the outfits are amazing. You are very very clever. Am now going to make a........ sock puppet!!! (rummage rummage). XX

Gail said...

Nice job on the outfits! I'm very impressed...I always have such great aspirations of sewing but I can't handle the frustration...Another fun rainy day project is potato people...get some potatoes, fabric scraps, jiggly eyes, glue, markers, toothpicks...whatever you can find around the house and make a little vegetable family!