Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Chia Pet

Emily came to visit me at work today, and it was rather SLOW. That's unusual, but you never can tell in the vet business if it'll be quiet or pandemonium. She did say it was still more interesting to watch me work than if I watched her work - I guess it's not that thrilling to watch someone type on the computer or have conference calls.

One of my patients was a cat with really bad mats. We see this from time to time, and they come to see me and the groomer - I administer the sedation, and she administers the haircut. I had never seen a cat like this before, though - it had DREAD LOCKS. Seriously, like 7 long hanging matted ribbons of fur all around its neck. I took pictures, but I didn't get permission to publish them here, so use your imagination.

As the groomer stripped this little guy naked (officially it's a "lion cut" - fur around the head and the tip of the tail, and the rest is BARE) - huge piles of hair were being tossed into the trash. I grabbed my dental model, strategically placed the tufts of shorn fur, and made my own new kitten. Behold:


Emily said...

There was a lot of laughter going on in the clinic as Jenn was "creating" this kitten. The technicians really got into though, and one took a trachea tube and stuck it in the dental model and made it look like this poor clump of fluff had expired. Then they tried to trick their coworkers into buying the gag.

Joey said...

OMG! That really makes me LOL! I wish I could've been there. Thursdays are always so cool.

baseballmom said...

HA! That is so looks like a Lhasa Apso.

Library Lady said...

I'm going to have to remember this. One of my cats tends to mat and when I groom her I always have a LOT of fur on the comb. Maybe I should save it for a mini-cat, though I've often thought it might make nice wool for a cat hair sweater!

kath said...

Hi there... I found your blog while doing a blog search for Addison's dogs.
I used to be an office manager at an holistic vet office. I have seen it all, I think... the good, the bad and they ugly parts of medical practices.. including veterinary.

good.. saving lives, miracles, sweet animals..

the bad? nasty-ass staff,
long days , the ones that you can't help.

the ugly.. dreadful, uncaring owners and those stats... you know the ones, raise them if you want a raise with the new contract kind of stats...


Anyway... that was in 2001.. they eliminated my position when i was out having a couple of surgeries..
( ugly again?)

The last dog that I rescued from a sanctuary ..I have had him for just over two year.. he is fiveish.. has addisons.

I did not know when I adopted him, but found out soon after when he crashed. The Office where I used to work had 8 chances to diagnose him over a ten day period.. but the didn't. I took him to a specialist in the next state ( ohio) and she dx him in 5 minuts flat.. said it was classic.


I was just looking around to see if anyone was posting about their dog..

as for office hijinx...

one time when there was a new tech, she brought me a bag of testicles etc, after surgeries for the day and asked me what she should do with them. I told her that she had to take them home and put them in her freezer until the 30th of the month, when she could bring them back in to be collected . She looked shocked, but hey.. it was her first week... she believed me.

another time, they were coming to pick up remains t be cremated, and jo and I started wondering if we had put a return tag on the remains of the doctors cat. We started hauling remains out of the freezer, and laying them all over the garage... it was pretty awful, but you know how those things are... it was 90 degrees out.. and we were in a hurry.. and we looked around and there they all were..
and we just fell into each others arms,howling with laughter..

enter crematory man.....

sigh.. he had a rather horrified look on him.. imagine what he said when he got back t?


its the hijinx and pranks that keep you going sometimes when you are feeling gobsmacked .

After working with.. hmm about 9 vets or so over the years, in my opinion women do it better. More heart.. more open minded, better intuition

take care

paula said...

That looks so bizarre