Thursday, February 01, 2007

100 days

I woke Anna up early yesterday morning, then left to quiet the whistling kettle. When I returned, Anna was on the floor, pulling her pyjamas off. This is very unusual - typically I have to undress and dress her while she reluctantly leaves slumber.

"Wow, Anna, you're really helping today!" I said.

She said, "Its the 100th day of school today. I don't want to be late!"

Anna's school has been preparing for the this day for a long time. They've been counting each school day since Day 1. She had to bring 100 of some small item for the day, something that would fit in a brown bag. She easily counted out 100 pistachios.

There were lots of fun activities for the 100th day. They had a book with 10 pages, and went to 10 different stations, where they stamped the book 10 times on each page. They counted to 100 by tens. They looked at each others 100 items. It was a great way to help the kids understand such a big number, really get a feel for it. I have often struggled with trying to explain to the kids what a hundred, a thousand, a million really represent. They also feel a sense of accomplishment for going to school for so many days (not counting sick days, of course).

This morning, Anna was a little sluggish as usual getting out of bed. I told her, "C'mon, its the 101st day of school!" Somehow, not so exciting.


Emily said...

Wow, that's a great idea!

Too bad 101 wasn't as proactive.

Dad said...

How's the strep throat.........maybe that slowed her down a tad.

Lisa said...

It's funny, at Junebug's school the big celebration is the 101st day.

Jennifer said...

Daddy, fortunately no signs of strep throat any longer around here, but the antibiotics continue for 5 more days.

EdamameMommy said...

I just returned from the teachers' supply store (love Lakeshore Learning) where they even have special teacher paraphenalia for 100th day. I guess it is a big, key concept for kindergarteners.

Cousin Bevie said...

Yes, kindergarten is a big grade to celebrate the 100th day. The little boy I pick up after school, who just happens to be exactly a week older than Anna, also participated in the 100 day thing. Unfortunately, he came down with a yucky cold before the big day and missed out. =(

And, yes, I'm going to try and be a better commenter....Sorry for the lull in commentary.