Thursday, February 15, 2007


Every month I read my posts from a year ago, and I'm always amazed at what I was doing a year ago, what I've already forgotten, and how much the kids have changed.

This month, I can see what was going on TWO years ago, too. We got Claudio (damn, I miss that cat). I went to a controversial memorial for the Iraq war - now, public sentiment has turned against the war. Montana was alive and thriving. Anna was Colin's age, and Colin-O was a baby in diapers and suits that snapped in the crotch.

A year ago, my Uncle Colin died. We are thinking of you, Paula.

I can't believe how long I have been a blogger. I love my blog, I love keeping it, I love hearing from all of you, and I can't imagine my life without it. I also love how many blogs I like to think that I inspired; I look forward to all of your posts, too. Now, we just need to get Beverly in on the action!


Leah said...

Yeah, I can't believe I have been blogging a little over a year already. I didn't think I ever had anything to say but I guess I was wrong. It might not be as interesting as yours but...I guess that is okay. KEEP ON BLOGGING!!!

A.Norma said...

We were saying the other day how very fast 12 months have gone much has happened in our lives...I lost my Brother Colin and I miss him..I still have one Brother left in England though :o)and I have some lovely pics of my little Brother on computer that I can look at willy-nilly..:o)..also we have almost won a fight that has been going on for 3 years now over our own little bit of England!! we had Building checks done yesterday with all our Councillors here and they found the buildings of three storey houses just a couple of feet away from our home WRONG!!! so we have a lot to celebrate too..yes...Life looks good at the moment for 2007. xxx

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Library Lady said...

Happy Blogiversary and keep on blogging. And I like the new food blog!