Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blue Monday

Mondays I am "off," -- you know, off from that place where I get paid to work. Lately, my Mondays have gotten so busy, though, something's got to give. Kareen always says that those without children think that we moms sit around, watching Oprah and eating bon-bons on our days off. I know Joey's bon-bon habit has really gotten in the way of her blogging, now that she has 3 kids and a husband taking some time off. She must be putting Whitman's out of business.

Anyway, Mondays are the days I always do laundry - like all of it, in one big go. Otherwise, I start the laundry here and there, and maybe even let it sit in the dryer getting wrinkly, but that's it. I try not to start a load unless I have an exit strategy - a roadmap of how and when the clothes will make it back into the drawers and closets. Always good to plan ahead when tackling something big and significant like laundry, don't you think? I do not invade the sovereign clothes hamper without a plan. I also do grocery shopping on Monday, since I avoid the grocery store AT ALL COSTS on Sundays. Have you been there on Sunday? Congested aisles, long lines, empty shelves - no thank you. Of course, I really can't complain to those of you who work full time, because I guess that is when you get to shop, or at dinnertime on weeknights (also ghastly).

I also make sure I exercise on Mondays, either taking the dog for a jog or going to the gym. With all those bon-bons I'm consuming, I have to try to get some balance!

In the last month, we have added ballet class on Mondays. It's at a great time, immediately after school. But then its rush home, help Anna with homework, rush to make a quick early dinner, then rush out the door with Anth at 6 pm to go to our Spanish class. By the time I get home, its after 10, I'm exhausted but all keyed up, and the laundry is incomplete. The babysitter got the kids bathed, to bed on time, and fed the dog, but all the dishes are on the counter and no lunches have been made.

Man, this is a whiny post. Actually, today work was really great, I got all my surgeries done early. 5 procedures went so smoothly I was almost suspicious! I got to leave a little early, so the kitchen got cleaned up and the laundry got put away. In future, I may have to start the laundry ordeal on Sunday, though. A little pre-emptive diplomacy.


EdamameMommy said...

Okay, you are allowed to rant a bit...but nowhere in this post is Anthony mentioned and he DOES do a fair share of housework. *Some* husbands are not so inclined or worse, they pout if they don't get "credit" for anything they do to "pitch in". Not that I'm bitter or anything :<

Jennifer said...

Yeah, Steph, Anthony read my post and said that he needed more credit, too. I do realize how much he pitches in, and I appreciate it SO much. I hope he knows how much I do love him for it.

Emily said...

Yes, I do laundry on Sundays. I still hate Monday mornings when I have to get up and head into work. I used to volunteer on Monday nights, which made it a really long day but something to look forward to, but now my favorite nurse has changed schedules and my volunteer day has too.

A.Norma said...

YOU, my Dear, are going to meet yourself coming back!!! Slow down,George, as we say here :o)xx

Library Lady said...

Yup, my days off frequently are a lot less restful than my days at work. Which may explain why I'm here at work on a Saturday :)