Monday, January 22, 2007

New classes

On Saturday, Anna and Colin started Samstagschule, a 12 week German language class for 3-6 year olds. They had a good time. Anna came back knowing how to say "Guten tag," and "Auf wiedersen," singing "O Tannenbaum," and knew all her colors. She also instantly made a new friend.

Colin enjoyed class, too, but when we asked him what he learned he said, "Uh, I no know." After some prompting, he said, "Auf la la la la..." Well, he is only 3 1/2. At least he's getting exposed to the words and the sounds. It is also so nice to have them in the same class, because they feel more confident with their sibling, and no one is left out.

Anna also started a ballet class today at a new studio that opened nearby. It's something she has wanted to do for a long time. She was so happy, she was beaming during the entire class. She already knows first position, and can't wait to get her leotard and slippers. It's conveniently held on Monday afternoons when I'm off, right after kindergarten ends but before I need to start getting dinner ready.

Colin is actually in the same age group as this class, too, and the teacher said he was welcome to join if he wanted. Fortunately, Anthony does not think it's "sissy" for a boy to be in a ballet class - he has no objection. Most of the time, Colin will be with me anyway, so it would be better than him sitting bored in the waiting area.

I asked Colin when we got home if he'd like to take dancing class, too, and he said, "NO!" It was as if his friends had already poisoned his mind against ballet. I tried again later, phrasing it more like, "going dancing with Anna," but he still was opposed. I don't know if he'll have the concentration or the desire to participate anyway, but next week we might give it a try, before the free trial period is over.


Could someone please invent a dog foot washer? Something Francesca could walk through on her way back in that would remove the dirt and dry her pads? The ice is gone, and it keeps drizzling off and on, and I am so weary of wiping her feet (at best) and giving her quick baths (at worst) from all the mud she tries to track in...


EdamameMommy said...

OMG -- I just threw out a catalog that had one Jenn! Okay, I will describe it to you and you can make one...I think...esp with that handy German hubby of yours. It looked just like a wide mouthed travel mug (plastic with the big handle) But instead of an adult sippy top, it had a rubber top with slits (imagine those snack traps for kids or a soft tupperware top with star-shaped slits cut into it) Then you just but mild soapy or plain water inside and wash your dogs paw like a golf ballwasher from the late 70s. Got it? Meanwhile, I will try not to throw out the next catalog for pets I receive.

ColeBugsmommy said...

Watching the kiddos experience knew things is so much fun! I hope Colin at least tries the dance class. Keeping the kids involved in activities outside of school, is a part-time job in itself. Cole will start T-ball in a few weeks, I really don't know when I will have time for that!

A.Norma said...

"Could someone please invent a dog foot washer? Something Francesca could walk through on her way back in that would remove the dirt and dry her pads?" Oh,What a marvelous idea,Jenn..we could do with one of those for Jessy..we are both fed up of wiping her paws ..although she is good and lies down on her back to offer them to us hahaha Colin is a real Boy by the sound of it! no dancing class for HIM!!

A.Norma said...

I am here ,Stephanie ,trying to imagine the 'doggy paw washer' nope I got no imagination ...send a picture please when you next get a pet catalogue.xx

Laura said...

Dog foot washer: I've seen the one that is shaped like a travel mug, too. It's either from Orvis or... sorry, I'm drawing a blank on the name of the second catalog I threw out this week. Maybe

As you know, I live in the land of perpetual mud season. We actually have "mud season", which follows winter. But winter, fall, and summer all have the same woes, particularly for those of us with unpaved driveways. Other options: a mop bucket with fresh water that you can at least dunk the feet in before drying; a trough in the concrete that your dog can step into to rinse before entry (I long for this option).

What do we do?? We just dry the dogs in the garage before they come in. And repeat that process about a million times a day. Oh, and we installed Pergo on the entire first floor of the house, facilitating easy clean up.

Good luck!